Mui Wo is a rural town located on southern Lantau. Lantau is Hong Kong’s largest island located at the oral cavity of Pearl River. Lantau has majorly developed sustainably over the past few old ages. Over 50 % of Lantau consists of national Parkss. including a big figure of well-marked trails. Tian Tan Buddha Statue and of class. The Hong Kong Disneyland. Lantau’s chief attractive force pulling 1000s of tourers every twelvemonth since it is really near to the airdrome and includes its ain adjustment. However over the past few. Mui Wo hasn’t been really successful in pulling tourers compared to other towns in Lantau. Since. I work for “Living Island Movement” . a Hong Kong community-based administration who’s aims is to advance sustainable development on Hong Kong’s outlying islands. We besides aim to promote enrichment and life in these islands to pull tourers for the benefit for the full population of Hong Kong.

I have been asked to make a study dwelling of 2 sustainable thoughts that will develop the country of Mui Wo and do the town eco-friendly. I will work and interview local’s. inquiring about their thoughts to maintain occupants happy with new sustainable developments. In add-on. I will guarantee for the protection for the well being of the island. utilizing sustainable schemes and renewable beginnings of energy. However. the Hong Kong Government already has proposed a measure because Mui Wo is sing a Numberss of troubles because South Lantau is the 3rd poorest territory in Hong Kong. This the proposal passed by the Hong Kong Government which. contains a figure of proposals which aims to better the economic troubles:

( 1 ) Provision of agreeableness countries and installations in small towns and attractive forces ;
( 2 ) Improvement to visitor information and signage ;
( 3 ) Improvement to Civic Square ;
( 4 ) Improvement to north waterfront promenade ;
( 5 ) Realignment of Mui Wo Ferry Pier Road and alteration of auto park ;
( 6 ) New cooked nutrient market and covered rhythm parking country ;
( 7 ) Improvement to south waterfront promenade ;
( 8 ) Enhancement of Entrance Plaza ;
( 9 ) provision/improvement of rhythm path web in Mui Wo ; and
( 10 ) Provision of a heritage trail.

The Government program to utilize this development strategy modernize Mui Wo. turning the island into a major tourer attractive force and aiming that this development will increase the economic system. take downing Numberss of unemployed and most significantly promote trusting that there program will ensue in a immense economic roar for Lantau island. supplying employment and make fulling the occupation vacancies with locals. and in general promote Mui Wo as a cardinal tourer finish Hong Kong. This is a perfect program to overhaul and pull Mui Wo nevertheless. locals are against these thoughts. Sadly these thoughts have been treated by discourtesy by local occupants populating in Mui Wo. They say that if the renovation program is approved Mui Wo’s

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However. these set of authorities proposals have been treated with scorn by local occupants. Mui wo occupants reason that if this renovation program was to be to the full implemented by the authorities this certainly would destruct Mui Wo’s single rural life style would be ruined by touristic sites. from agribusiness to touristry. In add-on. locals province these are one of the lone rural small towns which makes Mui Wo unique and distinctive to the remainder of Hong Kong. After several interviews. research and studies it can be proved that Mui Wo villagers are content with its town. societal province and don’t want to do major alterations. nevertheless villagers agree that something should be done to better Mui Wo’s economic province because they are concerned and fear the current recession. In this probe undertaking I will seek to plan two sustainable development thoughts that wil finanacially help profit Mui Wo and besides happen a balance being able to develop Mui Wo while non worsening locals by seeking to destruct Mui Wo’s rural individuality. Due to this. I will analyse 2 possible thoughts that can develop in Mui Wo sustainably. doing locals content while maintaining Mui Wo’s distinguishable civilization. Sustainable Redevelopment Ideas:

1. Multi-sports Center
My first renovation program for Mui Wo island is to make a athleticss installation on Ag mine beach ( presently undeveloped. This will be wholly funded by the authorities and will necessitate aid of locals working at the installation will have a good monthly pay. This centre will offer a broad assortment of athleticss from beach ball and mountain biking to gush ski and banana yachting. All in one peaceful and clean town. 20 proceedingss off from Disneyland Resort and 40 proceedingss off by ferry from Hong Kong’s metropolis. Mui Wo offers many alone escapades to acquire off from the nerve-racking and contaminated metropolis and relax over in the countryside. offering a green and beautiful landscape.

In add-on. Mui Wo offers a distinguishable escapade touristry. including boosting and out-of-door athleticss. nature touristry. and even beach diversion. In add-on. people can pass the weekend in Mui Wo they could remain at Lantau’s most established hotel This would make a concatenation of advantages for the conveyance. New World First Ferry. the watersports centre and the hotel. The advantage of constructing a H2O athleticss centre on Mui Wo is the installation all support and investing will be provided for the authorities Mui Wo rural small town council for investing in the island. In add-on a H2O athleticss centre is highly alone to Hong Kong metropolis. and by constructing one in Mui Wo this certainly would popularise the image of the island and pull a batch of clients and tourers to the centre. Furthermore by put ining a authorities owned belongings centre on Mui Wo Island this has possible to make occupations for local occupants. Location on Virtual Map:

SWOT Analysis Of Idea 1: Multi-sports centre
The biggest advantage that presents itself from developing a H2O athleticss centre on Mui Wo Island is it provides a standard sum of monthly local income for the town. which can be used to redevelop the island such as edifice schools. eating houses. more public transit. a infirmary. In add-on. provides occupations for Mui Wo occupants. has the possible to cut down unemployment rate and providing. Besides adding a H2O athleticss centre is really distinguishable and rare to Hong Kong. this will popularise the image of Mui Wo and do more people come here to pass weekends and possibly put in belongings here for vacation houses. All equipment stuffs used during the building of this undertaking will be extracted from environmentally selective methods e. g. for wood stuffs will be merely extracted from selective film editing. metal will be merely used if extracted from a metal fabrication works. hence with choosing my stuffs carefully from environmentally sustainable industries this reduces the affect of any harm done to the environment. This will besides Increase touristry in Mui Wo. making more occupations for locals doing them content and agree with major development.

One of the chief failings that threatens the thought of the athleticss centre. by the beach is that local occupants are highly against renovation in Mui Wo. After questioning different people at Mui Wo. they argue that they are really hapy with their town individuality as a agrarian small town. They province that if the authorities modifies it. Mui Wo will lose its distinguishable civilization. But on the other manus. they aren’t really content with Mui Wo’s economic province. because it is really hapless compared to other territories in Hong Kong. So fundamentally villager want to maintain Mui Wo’s civilization and increase it economic system at the same clip without major intervention of the authorities. So a athleticss centre. Water athleticss diversion centre program most villagers seem supportive of the thought due to its economic and occupation creative activity potency nevertheless they are disbelieving of the authorities having the land and subsidising the belongings. as they believe the authorities will utilize this a stepping rock to wholly redevelop Mui Wo with their mass renovation undertaking will wholly kill Mui Wo’s rural atmosphere. At the minute Mui Wo occupants experience really strongly against the bulk of development undertakings that are taking topographic point on the island. If villagers oppose this so it will besides be really difficult tot acquire staff because people may non volunteer to. which will non better Mui Wo’s economic system.

The chief chance of this sustainable undertaking is to popularise Mui Wo. which will increase touristry. promote investors to put in Mui Wo. Basically the athleticss centre will be an illustration on how Mui Wo can develop from its status on to a bery high tourer attractive force with a really high economic system. This will take the authorities taking involvement in other development undertakings similar to mine. such as infirmaries. hotels farms to maintain Mui Wo’s civilization. In add-on. the athleticss centre will do local occupant for renovation in Mui Wo. Menaces

This thought doesn’t present any major menaces unless the thought fails to pull clients. The fees of all equipment can be really expensive and if the authorities denies to fund this thought it would be to expensive to be funded by locals so an investor would be needed. which would be a large hazard. If the thought fails it will be a major loss of 100s and 1000s of Hong Kong dollars and will do locals be more against the thought of renovation.

Annotated Google Sketch up Of Location For Idea 1

2. Organic Agricultural Farm
My 2nd sustainable thought is to get down an organic agricultural farm. This thought is about doing an organic farm in an empty infinite of land stopping point to the ferry pier so it can be transported newly right after it has been grown. This thought will assist people acquire occupations and besides promote Mui Wo occupants to get down their ain concerns to better its town economic province without intervention of authorities and modern development. This thought will supply aid with local households who need speedy money to supply for them selves or to assist their household if it’s in some kind of battle or problem. Besides the population of Mui Wo are largely husbandmans so they are traveling to be really good at their occupation. In add-on. Hog Kong besides has a high demand for organic merchandises.

So if they start a little concern if they are successful they can go a really known company and do Mui Wo known for its organic merchandises. . This is traveling to be located in the land before the Mui Wo cave waterfall. or before the acclivitous trail with the house in the center of the country. A barn 1could be used a chief storage house to provide all sorts of equipment such as shovels or seeds. I think this thought will be really much supported by locals because their occupation would be their forte in local agriculture and would be really content if we gave them the chance to open a local organic farm since they enjoy this. This will besides maintain Mui Wo’s distinguishable civilization and life style.

Location on Virtual Map:

SWOT Analysis Of Idea 2: Agricultural Farm
The farm could supply fresh organic nutrient for the Hong Kong occupants. alternatively of having packaged organic merchandises. In add-on. this helps supply money and occupations. which can assist the economic position of Mui Wo. In add-on. this thought can be improved on and development to large graduated table and turn more different types of veggies to turn a concatenation. This is a major thought that will do locals really content because it will non necessitate any major alterations. It will besides do Mui Wo more popular and known that tourers would see the farm and acquire a circuit to see how this little concern can go a worldwide concatenation. Failings

One of the chief failings of this thought is that Hong Kong conditions is really undependable. Many jeopardies occur with really short warning such as rainstorms. typhoons and many electrical storms. This would botch and damage the harvests. which could be a loss of money. In add-on. possibly there might be a little opportunity that workers would non desire to work for this thought. In add-on Hong Kong is really contaminated and contaminated so many times pollution degrees are really high. which contaminated harvests. fruits and veggies doing it really unsafe if they are sold and consumed opposing a wellness safety regulation. Opportunities

These thoughts present a batch of chances that can particularly increase the low economic province of Mui Wo. First of all. this thought creates many occupations for local occupants and doing them content at the same clip because agriculture is like their passion and avocation. In add-on if the local organic agricultural farm would be succesful. it would besides promote local people to open many little concerns. This would non merely diminish the figure of unemployed in Mui Wo but besides increase the economic province and value of Mui Wo. In add-on. if this thought would be really successful. they could overhaul the farm and usage engineering to increase efficiency and do the workers life easier. The usage of machines would besides make a chance to sell these merchandises to local supermarkets and overseas for illustration. Shenzhen since pollution is a monolithic job there and fresh veggies would sell really good at that place. Menaces

This thought doesn’t present any major menaces unless local occupants do non take their occupation earnestly. which is really improbable since they have been farming since they have been really immature for their ain nutrient. In add-on. there might be a menace because many other local occupants might open little concerns to vie with others doing hurt. tenseness and deficiency of concentration in their occupation. As you can see this thought doesn’t present any kind of major menaces that could hassle our thought.

Annotated Google Sketch up Of Location For Idea 2

In decision. I think Mui Wo is a really nice topographic point with a really distinguishable and diverse civilization which is supported by locals. However. Mui Wo needs to be redeveloped in some manner due to its really low economic province. but local occupants are wholly against this because they think that developing Mui Wo will wholly against this because they have the incorrect image of Mui Wo. They think that Mui Wo will lose its civilization and go a metropolis like the remainder of Hong Kong. However. renovation is merely an thought to overhaul Mui Wo and better its economic system. To turn out the locals that renovation is good I will easy make a renovation undertaking that will affect local occupants working. This undertaking will be the multi-sports centre that will be a stepping-stone to major renovation. This will do locals really content and do them recognize that renovation is good. This will take to authorities programs on redeveloping Mui Wo while maintaining its civilization at the same clip and bettering Muo Wo’s economic system.


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