Comptoir des Cotonniers is one the biggest Gallic trade name of dressing medium-high scope. This company has basically win thanks to their multi-generational scheme selling. The company was created in 1995 in the South of the France by Tony Elicha. a self-made-man who created his first vesture company in 1972 ( aka Creations Nelson ) . The trade name began to boom with his first commercial run based on the meeting of two sort of coevalss: the female parents and girls. In my sentiment. Comptoir des Cotonniers is a good illustration of multi-generational selling scheme because the trade name evolves at the same clip that the coevalss follow.

Two old ages after its creative activity. the company launched in 1997 its first commercial run around the construct mother-daughter: the trade name provides vesture for both female parents and girls with the same quality and the same theoretical accounts of apparels. The age cohorts targeted at this period were the Boomers ( for the female parents ) and the Gen X or Gen Y ( for the girls ) . The advertisement scheme was to suggest a scope of apparels able to delight both female parents and girls and bring on the coming in the same clip of both of them in the store. The intent of this selling run was to sell in the same clip modern apparels for two coevalss of consumers and make a sharing clip between female parents and girls. The construct was a immense success and the trade name became fast the topographic point to be for shopping with your Dendranthema grandifloruom.

The female parents has liked the quality of the merchandises: the chief natural stuff is the cotton ( Cotonniers means cotton works in French ) . This is a relevant feature for the Boomers because the Grey market Generation was clients of this tissue and cognize its proper quality. For case. my grand-mother who was born in 1924. had the wont to do the apparels for her kids by utilizing merely cotton. This stuff is inexpensive. solid and manageable to run up. For her. this was the cheaper on the market and the more solid to do apparels. Comptoir des Cotonniers uses the memories of this natural merchandise and the fact it crossed ages. Nowadays. this stuff is ever inexpensive. solid and manageable to run up. However the company sell expensive apparels.

The pricing scheme is based on merchandise quality and it acknowledgment as it is for the Mothers clients. For the Boomers. pass money for quality apparels is non an issue than it was for the old 1. For the adolescents or immature grownups. the trade name scheme is more oriented on the modernness of apparels: fitted. elegant. with no intense colourss. The company has tried to aim the girls in order for them to look like a grown-up. like their female parents. Otherwise. the distribution scheme has a function in the success of the trade name. The company chose to sell merely in small store in town centre. The mark is high-end clients who non sponsor promenades and prefer to shop by pess. This pick of channels reinforces yet the nexus between the trade name and its clients. It permits besides a immense profitableness by square metre.

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In order to foreground this connexion between female parent and girl. the 2nd run of the trade name in 2001 reached the construct of same-Ty. At this period. the company started to form castings all over the state in order to happen normal consumers for their advertisement: one female parent and her girl in the images with their first name written on it ( such as “Sophie & A ; Marie” ) . The intent of the publicity was to confound girl and female parents on the advertisement. The Young Generation was glad to be consider older ( ever a cardinal point during adolescent period ) and the Boomers ladies have evidently enjoyed the fact to look younger. Finally. this scheme reflect more their sensed age.

The undermentioned runs have searched to delve the relationship mother-daughter with a respect on the society and the behaviour development of those coevalss. In 2003. the run was more oriented on the complicity. In 2004. the trade name decided to go wider and targeted the following coevals. the younger girl of the household ( Net Gen ) . In 2009. the company get down to point the advertisement with the realisation of independency of adolescents. The new coevals is more interested in the individualisation and its ain specialness than the similarity used for the first run for Gen Y. The company achieves its new advertisement way in 2010 with the run “Being the same but being different” . From now on. the commercials show detached images of female parents and girls with remarks about their ain gustatory sensations: I hate… . I love… Different gustatory sensations. different behaviours but same apparels.

The efficiency of its multi-generational scheme permits the company to be an Gallic exclusion in the off-the-rack market. The trade name has even inspired others trade name in this strategic way of coevalss such as “The Kooples” .


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