Also, noting that all major companies have their headquarters in Iambi like the Oddity Barilla Group, Data Group, Reliance Industries Limited and so on. Also, the Reserve Bank of India and all major nationalized and private banks have their headquarters situated in Iambi. This gives high impetus to investors who come and invest heavily in the stock markets. And Iambi has two of Indian’s oldest stock markets in the country. These investors find it convenient to come and find everything at one place.

They can assess the market, the conditions prevalent and the competition face by the industrial units by one another. Also, the presence of Securities and Exchange Board of India, which regulates this stock and share markets in India is having it’s headquarter in Iambi. The city, which is a cluster of 7 islands, is also one of the biggest natural harbors in the world. It is this characteristic which makes it the most preferred location for sea trade in India. No doubt that it accounts for nearly 65-70% of all sea trade in India.

The Charlatan Nehru Port and the Iambi trust Port are the two main ports in the city. Due to availability of deep harbor, Iambi became one of the favored ports right from the time The British East India Company started doing business in India. Right from the British era, the Iambi port used to be a busy textile import and export hub. Textiles were a major source of livelihood and income during the asses. Then came leather industry and gems and Jewelry units. So, right from historical past Iambi has been a commercial hub generating huge revenue.

HISTORY Iambi as we know was a cluster of mainly 7 islands namely Apparel, Bombay Island, Amazonian, World, Little Cola, Maim and Cola. It’s a hazy picture as to when actually these islands In 1687, the major change in the economic scenario came when The British East India Company transferred its headquarters from Sugar to Iambi. In 1728, a major civil project of connecting all the 7 islands with each other though bridges and roads came for proposal. At that time the British East India Company had the reasons for the same.

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They wanted to build a vast network of roads for the purpose of promoting their business interests in the area. The project was completed in the year 1784 and was named the Horny Velar. In the year 1819, the British East India Company defeated the last Martha in a bloodshot battle. That was the time when they became the rulers of virtually the whole of Decca. On 16 April 1853 the outwork was further strengthened with the introduction of a railway line between Iambi and Thane. This was the first railway line introduced in the whole of India. Thus began an era of building up of huge business networks in and around Iambi.

The networks generally catered to the requirement of textile and leather industry which flourished due to heavy investment by the British East India Company. ECONOMIC SECTOR CLASSIFICATION Looking deeper into the individual sectors which are contributing heavily to the overall financial and commercial development in the city, we find the following major sectors noteworthy: 1 . Gems and Jewelry . IT/TIES 4. Entertainment 5. Sports Education 6. Port and Shipping 7. 8. 1. Gems and Jewelry The gem and Jewelry units in Iambi were mainly in the unrecognized sector.

But after the liberalizing of the economy in 1991, the gems and Jewelry became a organized sector with many big players coming in like Agitating, Dabbers and so on. Iambi has now become a hub for machine made Jewelry. It is also the biggest wholesale market in terms of size of sales and volumes. With rising income levels and refining of the tastes of the consumers, diamond and platinum have become the in thing apart from the conventional and traditional gold. India is having Just 3% [1] of world’s share in this sector. Out of this around 20% is produced in Iambi. 2.

Entertainment According to a latest ASHAMED report on the total revenue of the Hindi Film Industry is expected to be around 8200 chore INNER rise by about 56% in the year 2013 and expectedly rise to around 12800 chore INNER by 2015[2]. Hindi film industry, or Plywood as it is better known to all, is one of the biggest film industries in the world. There is also an estimate that says that the industry loses approximately 300-400 chore INNER because of pirated films business thriving in the country. 3. Ports and Shipping There are 2 main ports in Iambi namely the Charlatan Nehru 4.

Sports Iambi is the sporting capital of the country too. The amount of revenue generated by the various sports in Iambi is one of the largest as compared to any other city in the country. The latest and the main addition to the sporting culture in Iambi is the Indian Premier League. Indian Premier League:- The Indian Premier League was inaugurated in the year 2008 at the D Y Patti Stadium in Nava Iambi. The league was started by the then president of BCC Mr.. Allot Mood and Iambi was made the headquarters. The inaugural season was held in India.

The second season held in South Africa met with a lukewarm response and the revenues dipped. So the event had to be brought back to Iambi and India to get the high levels of revenue that were witnessed in the first season. The expectations are ripe that PL will be able to bring home nearly $1. 5 billion for BCC over a period of 5 to 10 years. Looking at the tax burden of the earning itself, Iambi would earn huge revenue in the form of taxes from the ‘PL. This is true of Industries as well. All huge industrial houses having their bases in Iambi pay huge sum of money to the government in the form of taxes.

The Format : PL awards the winners a sum of 10 chore INNER. The runner-up receives a sum of 7. 5 scores and the third and fourth place teams receive a sum of 3. 75 scores. The current PL season I. E. Season 2013 had 9 teams that competed against each other in fiercely fought battles that ultimately led to Iambi Indians, the team owned by Musses Mambas of the Reliance Industries and the Reliance apron $ 110 Million USED. Talking about the latest season held in 2013, the total worth of PL was estimated to be around $3 billion. Also, from the third season onwards, the Global interest in the event developed,


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