Mural ” located in the West Pavilion, Plaza Level, Getty Center was memorizing. Mural was made in 1943 when Pollock used Oil and casein on canvas. My expectations of the museum being big we’re blown away seeing the place was actually gigantic and made this visit a lot of fun and ultimately educational. Mural is a two dimensional painting using oil and casein on canvas. Pollock used Curvilinear line throughout his painting. There’s a very nice visual rhythm and repetition to it that’s pleasing to the eye, and the complimentary colors don’t take ever the paintings main focus.

Making Mural’s elements, seem in proportion. Although, this piece is very thought provoking I don’t see symbolic meaning in this Pollock. Standing in front of this huge painting you can really see him using implied texture. To organize the composition Pollock used Informal balance and rhythm. There are certain shapes you can make out if you get close to the painting or really far away from it and help with not having empty or dead space. I felt comfortable standing in front of and looking at Mural for a while because every part of it felt like a Tory of colors and curvilinear lines that I wanted to figure out by the time I left.

Subject matter seems difficult to identify when you see a piece with a lot of expressive lines but, at the end of analyzing this piece I felt I understood what that was. It wasn’t the left side, the right side, or the middle area of the painting. It was the collective of all three and seeing the emotion that went into each stroke how it was balanced and unbalanced and how the colors didn’t match but collectively at the end they did. If Mural’s lines were different ways to describe an emotion then you old have one lasting feeling for the finale.

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So to me Mural as a whole is and was the subject matter. All and all I went away feeling as educated as I could have going by myself and really trying to understand Jackson Pollock’s piece. My museum experience was full of wonder and excitement and at the end of the day my questions were answered when I was in front of the amazing art the Getty had to offer. The environment was very welcoming and I couldn’t believe it was free to get in.


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