Gangs rap is one of the most controversial music genres. It has been criticized by numerous organizations and people for the violence advocated and depicted by gangs rappers, and because of gangs rap stereotypes of violence in inner-city communities arise, women are degraded, and young teens are more likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Numerous rap groups glorified the life style of gangsters in their music; the group N. W. A. (Inning Wit Attitude) is considered the founders of the gangs rap genre. N. W. A. Was a rap group based out of Los Angels that consisted of four members known as Ice Cube, Easy-E, Dry.

Deer, and MAC Rene (Inelegance). The group was known for their violent lyrics and depiction of the streets of Los Angels. The songs they came out with such as “Straight Auto Compton” used lyrics that were filled with lots of violence for example “Straight auto Compton, crazy motherhood’s named Ice Cube From the gang called Inning With Attitudes When I’m called off, I got a sawed off Squeeze the trigger, and bodies are hauled off'(paralytics) These types of lyrics were the base of gangs rap, it demonstrated to people outside of cities such as Compton the stereotypical life of young Blacks and Hispanic people.

Gangs rap is not only now for depicting violence but also degrading women in profound ways. In gangs rap music women are promoted to be sexually objects and nothing more, commonly being referred to as a “bitchy” or a “hoe”. For example rapper Newly is well known for his music videos with women being shown as sexual deviants, but there is this particular scene in the music video he has for his song “Tip Drill” where the video shows a large amount of men throwing money between women’s legs as they dance and commit sexual acts towards each other.

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The most obscure scene is when Newly slides a credit card down the back side of a woman as she dances (Thrash). The lyrics for his song describe women in a negative way saying muff looking good in them shorts but they look better on the floor”(lyricists) saying that the women would look better if she was naked instead of being clothed.

Songs from the artist Ill’ Jon also depict women in a degrading way, for example in the song “Get IoW’ women are told various commands on how to dance in explicit ways and called names such as “hoe” while doing so “now bring you ass over here hoe and let me see you get low if you want this Thug” (lyricists). These lyrics as basically show what rappers think women re and how they think women should be spending their time “Pop data ass to the left and the right”(Lyricists). Rap music usually contains messages about using alcohol and drugs.

In today’s age all types of music mentions the use of drugs and alcohol but teens that listen to rap are referred to them more than any other genre. According to Tara Parker-Pope 77 percent of rap songs in sass’s 279 most popular songs contained a reference to drugs or alcohol, compared to the 36 percent for country, 20 percent for R&B and hip-hop, 14 percent for rock songs. Rap music represents alcohol and drugs in a positive image, if a teen only listens to rap he or he “would be exposed to 251 references per day'(Parker-Pope).

Since music is very influential on the mood of people and exposed to people so frequently averaging 2. 5 hours per day(Parker-Pope), hearing music that puts alcohol and drugs in a positive light would more-likely get young teens to use narcotics at a young age. Gangs rap has always been controversial, the genre’s use of profanity and reference of violence will always make it controversial. The music creates stereo types of violence in inner- city communities that characterize cities as savage areas that are all about gun and rug use.

It also depicts women as sexually devious creatures making them seem like their less than human referring to them as “pitches” and “hoes”. Rap music is also one of the most influential genres that mention the use of drugs and alcohol in a positive light. As time has shown gangs rap has plenty of negative effects on society whether its about illuminating the violence in cities in exaggerating ways or putting another sex below the category of being human, it has not done any good for society but shows life of minorities in crime-filled neighborhoods.


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