Music companies should not be held liable for the effects of their material. Certain forms of music are being cited as a cause of violence in today s society. Some individuals want forms of music, such as so-called “Gangster Rap” to be censored. However, what the public needs to understand is that rap artists are only telling of incidents that actually happen. Unfortunately, in today s society sex, violence, and crime are all part of everyday life. The artists are not forcing anyone to commit violent acts.

Therefore, the artists as well as the music companies should not be held liable because they have no control over the consumer s decisions or actions. Many parents want someone else, such as musicians, to be held responsible for the way their children behave. If a parent does not want their child to listen to certain forms of music because they believe it is a bad influence on them, then that parent should not purchase or allow these types of music in their household.

The parent also needs to be involved in the child s life in order to explain to them the difference between right and wrong as well as other lessons such as “If someone jumped off a bridge, would you do the same thing? ” Parents need to educate their children about the harsh realities faced in today s society. Consumers cannot blame music companies because every song with violent or obscene content in it has a warning on the case that states, “Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics. ” If one wants to purchase a CD knowing that it contains this type of material, than that is their choice.

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Nobody is holding their hand making them listen to these types of music. The same thing goes for violent acts. If a man kills another man for sleeping with his wife, than that is his choice and he is held responsible for the act he committed. For instance, if an individual purchases a set of kitchen knives and then stab ten people to death, then that individual and not the company which made the knives is held responsible. Therefore the music companies and their artists are not responsible for what their consumer s do. The companies have no control over what someone else does.

Even though music is a form of entertainment some people take the lyrics too seriously. Its purpose is to entertain others. There are several types of music in which an individual can decide for them what they wish to hear. Music tells stories. There were songs that told of the Underground Railroad. There were also songs that described the Vietnam War. The whole country, as well as the world, heard these songs. These songs had violent lyrics because they told of young men dying. The music informed everyone who listened about the horrors of the war.

During this time, there were not any senators attacking musicians and their music for having explicit lyrics. Today s music is also telling stories. Many artists, such as rap artists, are only letting the listeners know what is happening in today s society. So-called “Gangster Rap” is a good example. When an artist raps about violent shootings, the mistreatment and degrading of women, getting into the drug game with hopes of getting out of the ghetto, they are explaining what they see on the streets. What the public needs to understand is that music does not cause violence because violence is already out there.

Artists use violence in their lyrics as a way to express themselves because many people understand where they are coming from. Music companies as well as their artists who produce their music should not be held responsible for the violence in today s society. The only reason some individuals want to blame music is because for many, it is the easy way out. Some do not want to face the reality that violence is caused by other factors, such as lack of parental guidance, environment, lifestyle, and ignorance due to lack of education and knowledge about the harsh realities in today s society.

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