My 3rd grade teacher was a very caring woman. I remember every day after school she would give us big hugs and say goodbye as we exited through the door of the small portable. Since Mill Creek Elementary had become more popular than expected, they had to expand with cheap portables that looked decent, but stunk of plaster and fresh wood. I suppose it was the fresh paint that was poorly layered upon them, but one could not really tell the difference at that age. Her kindness also was vibrant in the way she teached.

Always was she complimenting our work and gaining the patience to step through math problems, even if it meant doing it for the third time. Sympathizing with us was fairly easy for her, because for some reason, she knew what it was like-at that age, and with our thought process. I always admired her for that. Not only was she caring, kind, and sympathetic, but she was intelligent, thoughtful, and creative as well. That third grade year is something I remember the most of my elementary year. Even though the rest of my teachers had been great, Mrs. Roberts was my favorite.

Mostly because she taught us extremely fun stuff. She even organized for us to create a historical book on Everett, in which through a grant proposed by us, we were able to create a book of historical buildings in Everett. We were given the chance to photograph every building, write a summary of information and background on that building and compiled it’s overall look. All of which Mrs. Roberts was largely responsible for arranging. Without her, we would have never experienced that, and I think that changed the rest of my life.

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It certainly made me more mature and confident in myself, since after it was published, each one of us received a copy to ’show off’. She also introduced us into some very interesting art forms. Such as blotch painting. Which was where we painted something in water colors, onto a cloth, soaked the cloth into a special solution, then let it dry. After it dried it lightened the picture up and was thereafter, smear-free. That as one my most favorite art projects. Mrs. Roberts was extremely tall. 6 3 , towering over us little third graders. Her blonde thin hair came down to her shoulder blades and was shiny like the golden sun.

She must have weighed only 100 lbs. I used to think if she got any skinnier, she’d have a hard time finding clothes that would fit her. Her oval face was always projecting one of the largest, whitest, and most lively smiles one would ever see. Her cheeks were smooth and only carried a few discrete wrinkles. I never knew where she got all her energy from. She never came to school without a cheerful attitude, even when she was sick. I don’t think she missed more than 2 days of school that year, devoted she was, or possibly motivated because of the rewards she received from teaching.


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