On top of that, if Quebec would ever separate they would have AR too many issues to deal with, which Just simply would not let Canada look good, especially to other countries that consider us as one of the best. There are many different perspectives to look at when considering such an important topic but this is just a step that I think does not need to be taken Even though Quebec believe that they will be a sovereign nation once separated from Canada, I do not believe that they are even close to being ready to handle some of the major responsibilities that would come their way.

Once they would separate it would mean that any funding that they receive from Canada, which n 2013-2014 was approximately 18 billion dollars, would be down to zero, making it a must for Quebec to pay more taxes or pay for everything out of their own pocket. Supports to their health care system would stop, there would be no more support for Cubeb’s post-secondary education, social assistance and social services, including; early childhood development, early learning and childcare.

They would have to create their own currency, military and other infrastructure funds because I don’t think Canadian taxpayers would appreciate their money going to another country at that point. They would also have the First Nations People and their large reserves that would not want to separate, making Cubeb’s final borders much smaller. That does not even scratch the surface of all the bad that could come from it.

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Another major issue with separation is that Canada would have no connection to the Maritime Provinces by land; new treaties would have to be formed between Quebec, Canada and the US, such as NONFAT, requiring Quebec to spend the time & money necessary to negotiate its own trade deals. Now even though Quebec would have many issues once they would separate, it loud also affect rest of Canada greatly, we would be losing a strong piece of our culture and history, which in my opinion is very important.

We would also look like a very weak nation to other countries in the world and lose our credibility as one of the most sovereign countries; especially with all the issues that separating would create. There are many parts of Quebec that has been part of Canadian history for many years and that is something that you cannot really divide. They have also become a strong part of our nation as a whole. As it is now, Quebec is part of the Greater Economy of Canada and everything from creating Jobs, moving money around the country, gathering natural resources to the market, to selling finished goods.

On their own they do not produce anything, so they would have to purchase their own raw materials, and build their own factories to produce and sell the goods they make to the other countries, directly competing with Canada. In conclusion, for an issue like this to be such a conflict for our nation is something that really surprises me. History tells us that we gave the people of Quebec a chance o keep their own culture and language, but not so that they could retaliate so many years later.

Which makes me think that at this point that those who are in charge of the Quebec Government, do not actually want to separate but they Just keep using this conflict of separation from Canada as a way to keep getting more out of the Federal Government. They can almost get anything that they want because Canada knows how much trouble it would cause for this separation to go through. In my opinion, any action taken is well worth it because we are only going to be a strong action if we stay one, which is why my Canada includes Quebec.


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