By Jem Finch

At first. I thought Atticus was merely a lame. old adult male. He ne’er took portion in anything interesting ; he didn’t drama fire hook. stayed in an office. and didn’t travel runing or angling like all the other work forces in town. He was ne’er excessively tired to play keep-away. but when I asked if we could play tackle. he’d tell me: “I’m excessively old for that. boy. ” Whenever there was a football competition. he ever told me he was excessively old for that excessively. All the other male parents went to it an’ all my male parent of all time did was have on his spectacless and read.

I was embarrassed by him. Though. my whole sentiment changed since the incident with the huffy Canis familiaris and the tribunal hearing with Tom Robinson. I was flabbergasted! Miss Maudie said back in Atticus’ clip. he was the deadest shooting in town. They called him one-shot Finch and I couldn’t believe it until I saw it with my ain eyes. I saw him otherwise so. I was most eager to boast about it excessively. But it wasn’t merely the manner he handled the gun that impressed me. it was besides ’cause of his modestness. I could state Scout hadn’t realised it. but Atticus ne’er said a word about his marksmanship.

I liked that portion of him. I besides liked his defense mechanism for Mr Robinson. Everyone had been against him for supporting a colored individual. but Atticus held his caput high. He provided an atrocious good statement excessively. I appreciated Atticus’ attempts and grew to esteem him. He had taught me that true bravery wasn’t a adult male behind a gun. but it’s when you keep on contending even if you know you’d lose. I wished I could be more like my male parent. Then I could go a attorney excessively. I figured I wouldn’t attention if he couldn’t do a individual blest thing. Atticus is a gentlemen. merely like me!

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By Charles Baker Harris

I am existent proud of my male parent. He did so many things for the state I can barely retrieve them all. At one clip he fought in a war to maintain the other states from occupying us. Every now and so he’d demo me his aggregation of the ticket he took from the soldiers he killed. and the decorations he had earned for his Acts of the Apostless of courage. But that wasn’t all he did. He did other things excessively. When he had clip. he would travel fishing and runing with me. Once. we caught a fish so large it didn’t tantrum in the boat and we had to acquire a ship to drag it ashore.

The other twenty-four hours he picked me up from his airplane and drove me all ’round the state. I could see all the houses from at that place. They were about the size of an emmet and were nil compared to the house my male parent had bought me. He was besides the president at one clip. That’s why he’s ever got so much money. But I didn’t like how his occupation took up so much of his clip. He couldn’t apportion any clip to play with me so. Apparently he had more of import things to make and he couldn’t travel runing with me no more.

I didn’t like that. That’s why I decided to run off to Maycomb County to populate with aunt Rachel. I thought it’d demo him that he needed to pass more clip with me. I met Jem and scout down at Maycomb County. Their male parent was called Atticus I think. But he wasn’t anything like my male parent ; all he of all time did was read all twenty-four hours. He was a deadening individual and weren’t any merriment at all. I didn’t cognize how Jem and Scout got on with him. Sing Atticus merely reminded me of how great my male parent was. Possibly. in the summer. I’ll return to Washington and see my male parent once more.


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