Nowadays a batch of people think that the more people have Television or Internet in their places. the fewer people will purchase books. It’s frequently thought why to read long novels. when a drama on Television can state you the same narrative with colorss. images and actions. But I’m certain. that books are still popular. becouse it’s a cheaper manner. than to travel to the film and besides you can maintain a book forever and read it many clip.

My favorite book is written by Erich Maria Remarque ( 1898-1970 ) . German-american novelist. born in Osnabruck. Germany. and educated at the University of Munster. He served in the German ground forces during World War I. During the war he wrote his first fresh ” All Quite on the Western Front” . it became an internalional best seller. I’ve read a batch of novels by Remarque. but most of all I like “A clip to populate and a clip to die” published in 1954.

This novel is about Soldier Ernst Greaber. who is making military service at the Russian forepart. One twenty-four hours he gets a short vacation homeward. Once arrived in his native town he learns about the desperations and dissapointment the war has spread over the state. The town is bombed down. parents. friends and relations are vanished. On the despairing hunt for his losing parents he meets a former comrade of his young person Elisabeth. They marry. but unluckily Ernst must go forth his native town and going back to the forepart. Just geting in Russia Ernst is involved into the thick of a struggle. When he gets a lift and has an chance to go forth the war. he refuses… . becouse the his military personnels are losing. At this point Ernst perish.

The chief character Ernst Greaber is a sensitive. merely and loyal individual. From his point of position this degrading state of affairs in his native town is much harder to him than the battle taking topographic point at the far off Russian forepart. Graeber partially sees himself responsible for the ” horror” . but can non happen a manner out of this lay waste toing result of the war. Elizabeth is a reasonably immature adult female. but inhibited by fright and concern of war.

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From my point of position I believe that Remarque showed the serious struggle between utmost idealism and humanity clearly and with a reasonable feeling. He described the heroical combatant as a individual with feelings. On the other manus. he described the victims of the war. Germans the same as Bolschewists exactly and showed the contentions in the statements of the National Socialism. To my head. I think this book is one of the greatest pieces of war literature because it sdoesn’t give merely an nonsubjective scenery is given but besides inquiries are delivered which encourage to give some idea.


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