As a little child I always wanted to be independent. I wanted to brush my own hair, pick out my own clothes, and tie my own shoes. “No mommy I want to do it” was an overly used sentence In my vocabulary to say the least. Likewise, when I turned seventeen, I thought It was time to begin a part time Job. I was still In high school therefore It had to be something that was flexible with my schedule. One warm day In the fall, right before my senior year started, I went Job hunting. There Is a little shopping mall in the center of my town called “Preparers Mall” with cute little stores.

I had gathered all the applications from each store and went home to fill them out. I applied to Macy’s, Mandates, Dress Barn, Toys R Us, Nine West, and Annie See. These were the only stores hiring at the time, and I was really hoping one of them would call. When I went back to hand in my applications, each store took it and said they would call… Except for Annie See. I handed my application to whom I thought was a sales associate and she asked “do you have any work experience? I said “this would be my first Job, If I get hired of course. She said “k, come In for an Interview on Saturday at 1 :O. ” I was very excited to be given an Interview so quickly. Saturday came around and I was getting ready, I had went out and bought a new outfit because I wanted to look representative. As I walked Into the store my nerves kicked in, and I took a deep breath to calm down. I was greeted by the same woman who looked at my application. I then found out that she was one of the managers and that she would be interviewing me.

Once the interview was completed, there was a sense f relief, until Teresa, the manager, said that she liked me and the next step was to come in for one more interview with Jennifer, who was the General Manager. Apparently Jennifer had also liked me because shortly after I got a call from her saying that I got the Job and she would send me the schedule for next week. I was thrilled with the news. This meant that I was Independent enough to have a Job and pay for things on my own. Responsibility Is a great tool to have for the future, It prepares one for their upcoming endeavors.


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