Come on Helim your friends are waiting for you outside, “tell them I’am coming” so I went and told them he said he is coming, I asked them were are you lot going anyway? Ice-skating replied Ammar and he also asked me if I wanted to come with them, I quickly ran inside and asked my mum if I could go as well.

She didn’t mind me going and gave me some money, my brother was 16 years old and his friends were that age as well but I was the only little one there I’am 13 years old and I did not like it, me the only small one there so I quickly rang up my friend who lived a few houses away from my house and told him to come as well he was the closest friend to me and I have known him for a very long time. My brother was ready to go but I told him to wait for a few minutes cause I have to go get something but really I was waiting for my friend Anish.

About two minutes later Anish came to my house and we were all ready to go along with eight other boys who were my bro’s friends. We caught the bus No 330 and sat on the upper deck of the bus were later a group of girls got on and came on the upper deck of the bus as well. Anish and me were sitting together and a bit far from the others the girls sat in front of us, the traffic was really bad every two seconds the bus was stopping.

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The girls were pretty and looked attractive one of them had blue eyes, which looked really nice. Soon the bus stop came and me and Anish got off my brother said you two go to ice-skating and we will come there later on because they had to pick up another friend, the girls also got off on the same bus stop as we did they were about six to seven of them and two of us, they came up to us and started to chat to us and soon we got to know each other.

The one with the blue eyes her name was Rani Mukergi, I began to like her later and she was 14 years old and when she asked me my age I said I was 14 years old because I had a little feeling that she liked me as well so if we she ever asked me out the age would not matter but she was only a year bigger not even that she was in the same year as me which means that she was only a few months bigger, and I found out that she lived in the same manor as we did which was even better.

Anish liked one of them as well he liked Kareena she was nice as well and I got the idea that she liked Anish as well the way she behaving. Her friends were nice and friendly as well but I liked Rani the best her friends names were Aaswiah Rai, Karishma and Kareena Kapoor who were sisters, Lisa Ray, Urmillah and Preeti Zinta, they were all friendly, we walked approximately two miles because the bus did not come so we kept on walking to the next bus stop and when we finally got to Lee Valley ice-skating then the bus came.

We got the tickets for ice skates and while we were skating Rani bumped into me quite a few times and I even saved her from falling very badly it was very exciting and we had bare jokes later my brothers and his friends came so we introduce them to the girls they also got along with each other.

At 4 o’clock we had to leave we were at the bus stop when Rani Mukergi came up to me and asked me and Anish to come with them to lunch I was a bit confused but I couldn’t miss a chance like this so I told my bro were there were going they replied they were going to cinemas so I told them I will link you up later and went to lunch with Rani and her friends just about when it was time to leave Rani came up to me and took me to a side and said that she likes me and would like to go out with me and she also told me that her closest friend was Aaswiah Rai and she likes my friend Anish I told her yes I would go out with you and gave her a kiss and I took her number down when we got together with the other.

I took Anish on the side and told him that Aaswiah likes you and she is going to take you around the corner and chat to you and probably ask you out so be ready for it and what I told him really happened. Rani told me to link up with her tomorrow because we did not live far from each other we lived about five minutes away and Aaswiah lived about five minutes away as well so I was walking home with Rani I was so excited she took me to some next place near her house behind some flats were no one goes were she told me to link her up tomorrow I was so happy to meet up with someone special and hugged her and kissed her goodbye. “See you tomorrow” I said bye. Re-entering a Childhood Memory

In the picture I was about 11 years old moving about a lot jumping and cheering also hear a lot of other people cheering and car horning and loud Pakistani music and Indian music pumping out with base, many people wearing green t-shirts and some people even sprayed their cars with green and white washable paint and lots of HOLIGANS on Green Street. (Cricket World Cup) Where were you? I was on Green St with my friends watching people what they were doing and holding a Pakistan flag because Pakistan won the match and qualified for the semi finals. What was happening around you? People cheering, dancing and blocking the road. Cars horning up and down Green St. Who were you with?

A group of friends who were also cheering, holdings flags and mucking about. What were you thinking and how were you feeling? I was thinking look how many Pakistani’s are there, what are the police going to do about this because it was late night and I was feeling great. Relationship in the photograph? Close friendships, live nearby each other and known each other for a long time. Primary School In my childhood time I remember that during lunch time we used to clean up the gym and look after it instead we use to play football and other games, we use to take fake 20p coins and used them in Atherton when we went for swimming it use to work on the snack machines.

I had lots of fights in Primary School there is one in particular that I remember because I gave the boy a black eye and I got put on report, my parents were called into school and I got told off by my dad but me behaviour was still bad. We played a lot in school I remember playing cops ‘n’ robbers it was always boys vs. girls all the time. The girls were fast but not too fast but it was always a fair game. I remember putting safety pins on my friends chair when they were sitting down we always used to get told off by the teacher and sometimes if we didn’t play in the gym we used to play knock down ginger. I was quite in class if I wasn’t use to the teacher if we had a new teacher I did not muck about unless someone else did and the teacher did not say anything then I use to join in with them because you never know some teacher are strict.


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