Never have I ever been the risk-taker type of person. I kept on rationalizing and reasoning out that things should be done according to a valid purpose Just to avoid being asked to do them. And frankly, I found every purpose or reason other people trying to convince me tell, in any way possible, invalid. I have escaped many adventures in life and lost opportunities that were already laid out in front of me. I practically think I even consider almost everything a waste of my time.

Being the law- biding citizen that I am, I thought life should be lived only according to every rule that was set. I was extremely obedient to the point that when my mother says I can’t leave the table unless I finish my food, I really didn’t move. And when she got back to check on me, she saw me sleeping beside my untouched lunch. I grew up being prohibited to a lot of things because I was taken care of a little too much by my grandparent’s. I did everything as they say. It was a mortal sin for me to disappoint any member of my family. I never asked for anything material as a reward either because I thought I didn’t deserve any.

You could Just imagine me as this shy and quiet type of little girl, prim-and-proper. ‘Did massage-pinging, like how most people see me. I think it was crystal clear that I should let everything go to the right direction. I have this friend from elementary who is exactly the opposite of me. I also don’t know how on earth we became friends but probably because she was friends with everyone from our class. She was outgoing, adventurous, super confident, and fun. On this particular day that still lingers in my memories, we were together first thing n the morning as we, with the whole class, were waiting for our teacher to arrive to class.

As usual kids, we played games with the others on the school grounds: patenting, again base, Marco polo, Keystone, 21 . Almost any game we could think of. After quite a few hours, the principal announced that classes are suspended because our teacher had an accident and was in the hospital. I was about to contact my mom to ask her to pick me up and suddenly… “Ay! Come with us to the mall! ” I think that was the first time someone asked me out, other than my family. I was in 4th grade and I didn’t even know how to commute yet!

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I only went to malls with my family so I said I can’t and that my mom wouldn’t let me anyway. They never gave up on persuading me, though. “Please!!! This happens rarely! How about we ask permission trot your mom tort you? ” I never even tried asking my mom about these things and never have I had someone offer such an act. After more minutes of convincing and me being more of a stone, I think she finally lost her patience and grabbed my phone from my hand and stole the number of my mom. She contacted her and I think in my whole life, I had never been so nervous to that extent.

My mom Just responded “Okay. Take care. Be home before pm. ” And with that, they managed to convince me. The rest of the day was one heck of an experience for me. It was when I learned how to commute on my own. It was my first time to be with friends without the companion of a guardian, my first to stay out for the longest time, my first to actually be myself and to open up to my friends. It was the first time that I felt so free, unrestricted, and independent. Technically, this was my first on getting my own firsts. We were six in number. Weenies, the girl Vive been talking about; Mares, the one

I’m closest to; Franz, my guy bestrides; EIA, my cousin and classmate; Laurite, another close friend; and of course, myself. We ate lunch together at McDonald’s, played arcade games at Time Zone, sang the karaoke, strolled around the mall, had a picture of us taken and printed, bought snacks and accessories, and even had the time to watch a movie in the cinemas. Time flew so fast and we realized we needed to get home since it was getting dark. Later that day, as I entered our home scared that I might be scolded because I came a little later than the time I should be, my mother didn’t even bother asking hat took me so long.

Instead, she asked me to eat dinner with them and tell them about how my day went. And I think that is the most excited I could get, sharing every detail of the story. She was happy for me. I was happy for myself. If I had not come with them, I wouldn’t know what I was losing. Then and there, I realized how much Vive been missing out on this wonderful and exciting life that has and have always had so much in store for me. I think that event was what opened the door to many more of my first-hand experiences and know- wows. Since then, I started to be more open-minded about things and about doing hem.

I took every opportunity as they come. I was able to Join intersection competitions and I became part of clubs and organizations from our school. Vive had more friends as I tried to eliminate my shyness. I think I also became creative. I knew how to think out of the box, not always limiting myself to the rules and regulations. I started to be more of a risk-taker, not being abstinent to everything that could be, and be less to a reserved person. I became more open to trying new things and getting more firsts. From there, I had my other firsts…

First dance, first charisma, first sis, first bungee Jump, first award, first date, first chance, first instrument to learn to play, first achievements, first time away from home, first drive, first time going on a plane, first time I ran for council, first time to admit, first article, first accident, first fight, first time to try a certain restaurant, first time to go to a place, and so much more. Life began to brighten. I have learned so much not Just based on academics or in my classes, but through other people and through my experiences. These were what molded me to who I am now. Look how far my firsts got me.


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