My Growth As an Artist Since the beginning of my drama class I have grown tremendously in a variety of ways as not only an actor but an artists as well. Have gained the confidence to express myself however I see fit. I have also learned a few techniques and styles from each of my classmates. Coming into the school year I knew I wanted to become more open minded as an Individual. To achieve this goal, I volunteered as a major role in the scene from the play that my group recently titled “Oedipus the King” written by Sophocles. Typically, my preference is to go for smaller roles but I decided to take on a bigger role.

I am glad that I challenged myself because it has taught me a lot about myself. Once assigned the role, I looked for ways to personalizing the role while still mirroring Oedipus. One of my strengths when presenting Is my oral techniques. I have no problem with memorizing the line and speaking clearly, loudly and slowly. I was very fortunate to have an encouraging group of classmates who gave me suggestions about my character I portrayed. Staging was another strength of mine. Was very careful not to upstage myself or put my fellow group mates In a position where their back would face the audience.

A couple of times during the scene, I had to force characters to move positions by moving to a certain area on stage. Even though, I was not upstaging myself, I wanted to help them fix their staging problems. Part of growing as actor entitles not only Improving Individual performance but group performance as well. While I did many things that I was proud of during my performance, if I were to have a performance do over I would make some improvements. First off, I think I could have made more powerful eye contact with not only the other characters In the scene but also the audience.

A few times, I caught myself looking at the floor and promptly adjusted my line of focus. I also believe that in the future, I need to work on my emotion. I think everyone in our group could have pulled the attention of the audience better If we showed more emotion. Perhaps, Instead of holding my head In my hands and stating “how miserable I am? ‘, I could add in shouting with a pained look on my face. My movements were another weak spot for me. Only twice during my scene did I reach out and touch another character to portray emotion. Movements Is key In any drama presentation because Interests the audience. Rural, I grew as an artists because was able step outside of my comfort zone to accomplish a project. I am glad I had the opportunity to not only present my scene but see other scenes as well. I learned several different techniques from many of my classmates that were not in my group. Drama had become a pleasurable experience for me and an environment in which I am able to think differently than my other academic classes. When I participate in this class, I know that there is no definite answer, so I feel free to express my opinions or point of view. It seems that everyday,

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