Ever since I got into my university three years ago, my family and I didn’t have much chance to spend time together because everyone was so busy with their own schedule. So last year, we all decided to go uptown to celebrate my birthday there. We chose to go to Surfactant because it was our favorite place. We left our house late in the evening on one hot summer day in April. Because of the very hot weather, we brought our hats, our sun block, and never to forget, our swimsuits.

We were on the car the whole night and arrived there in the morning the next day. We decided to stay at Sunset-Burr Resort, which is a very modern and beautiful resort by the sea. The beach was so white and clean that I wanted to go there as soon as we arrived. On our first day, we had breakfast at the resort because everyone wanted to wake up a little late. Then, we took the ferry to go to Koch-Tao. We traveled around the island, bought some souvenirs, and most importantly took a lot of pictures.

We had lunch at one of the small restaurant by the sea. The food was very delicious and fresh especially seafood. Then, my mother and I wanted to try diving, so we did. We saw a lot of spectacular fish and those beautiful coral reeves. I had a very great time under the sea. My father and my sister were scared to dive, so they Just walked around the beach. After that, we went back to our resort because my sister wanted to swim in the swimming pool there. They had a very big and gorgeous swimming pool with a stricture of dolphins at the bottom.

We ate dinner together at one of the restaurant closed to our hotel. My mom and dad got me a birthday ice cream cake. Everyone at the restaurant sang Happy Birthday for me. And my sister gave me a present that she made it herself. It was a very impressive birthday party for me. On our second day, we got up early because we had to take the ferry to Koch Papa-Magna. We traveled around the island. We walked, talked, and of course took pictures, but we weren’t tired at all.

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At first, we planed to Join the Fulton Party at night, but we didn’t have a chance to because my sister was sick. She had a high temperature. We went back to the resort and took her to the nearest hospital. We all were so worried about her so we decided to go back home right away. We got back home in the morning. Penthouse we had to go back home earlier than when we had planned, we all had a great time together. It was a very impressive birthday party that I will never forget all my life.


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