It has ever been the dream of every citizen of a state. to see that the state develops with no negative systems or thoughts or beliefs. It is my dream and my vision that India would be the most powerful and developed state in the universe in close hereafter. India will be a aureate bird of the coming old ages. In my dreams more accent will be given to wellness. instruction and all-around development of kids. since they are the future builders of this state. INDIA. India will be a huge state with 1000000s of able. adept. difficult working. loyal and loving people. It will be really rich in resources and there will be enormous growing in all Fieldss. PRIMARY EDUCATION of young person will determine their foundation. With this 100 % literacy is assured. Every citizen in the state will be able to read. compose and understand any one linguistic communication including COMPUTER EDUCATION. EDUCATION is the cardinal medical specialty which can decrease superstitious notions and negative societal behaviors.

Another dream is Excellent INFRASTRUCTURE within the state. ESSENTIAL SERVICES such as wellness & A ; household public assistance. instruction. integrated kid development. clean H2O. electricity and rural development will be given the extreme importance. India will be the Net Exporter in the universe. Its GDP will be above 1000 trillion rupees. as Indian RUPEE will be the major trading currency in the universe. There will be free trade. license-free disposal and above all absolute NO CORRUPTION. UNEMPLOYMENT will be eradicated and people will gain their day-to-day staff of life on their ain. There will non be any RELIGIONAL CONFLICTS in India. All the people will populate in peace & A ; harmoniousness and all the faiths will boom. The PER CAPITA income of India will be the highest in the universe. All the above is certain to take topographic point merely if we have a political will. immature brigade and an first-class corruption-free disposal.


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