When Mrs. Putnam is introduced for the first clip. she is described as “a distorted psyche of 45. a death-ridden adult female. haunted by dreams” . which is non exactly what you would name an emboldening description. Through her aperture lines. we can facilely optically discern that Mrs. Putnam is a really manipulative and self-asserting adult female. who believes in witchery. as she immediately believes that Betty’s predicament has been caused by witchery. Equally far as Mr. Putnam is concerned. albeit his introductive description provinces “a comfortable. hard-handed landholder. near fifty” . it does non state us much about him. However. his description in page 22. he is called “vindictive” . immediately uncovering more about his character. The line “so many accusals against people are in the script of Thomas Putnam” reveals that he is more akin to his married woman than we foremost expected.

Act 1:

“They believed. in short. that they held in their steady hands the taper that would illume the universe. ” This citation emanates from Miller’s long exordium at the beginning of the drama. Though these are words non verbalized in the reliable drama. this note from the writer is critical. peculiarly in set uping the analogue between the Salem of 1692 and the Washington of the fiftiess. In both instances. outstanding bellwethers believed that they were bulwarking a society and manner of life that was non merely good. but could be a theoretical account for the remainder of the universe. The metaphor of the taper is stating. as it implicatively insinuates a darkness endangering the visible radiation. When one cerebrates of one’s mission as bulwarking the visible radiation of the universe. it is facile to warrant utmost quantifications.

“There are wheels within wheels in this small town. and fires within fires! ” Ann Putnam’s statement—spoken in mention to what is. in her head. the unresolved slaying of her seven dead newborns—captures in graphic linguistic communication the paranoiac and conspirative mentality that sanctions a witch-hunt to take root. She is agog to optically spot in the most infinitesimal things denouements of some concealed malevolent secret plan. However. at the same clip. ironically. her words could be used to explicate the whole enchantress Hunt and the really detrimental events that happen in Salem. To the audience it becomes clear ; there are wheels within wheels within Salem. and these concealed motives and unrevealed petit larceny green-eyed monsters are the existent drive force behind the enchantress Hunt. far more than the existent being of any witchery.

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Act 2:

“Man. retrieve. until an hr before the Devil fell. God thought him beautiful in Heaven” ( Hale ) This means that your nature can alter based upon your actions. God thought the Devil was beautiful at first. but when the Devil turned against God. he was cast out.

“We are what we ever were but bare now. ” ( John Proctor ) This quotation mark has a batch of significance because of what he’s truly seeking to turn out. He is stating that they are “naked” now which suggests that they are out in the unfastened and vulnerable. In one second. they can hold everything taken from so. merely one accusal of witchery. Abigail Williams made Elizabeth Proctor feel “naked” when she accused her merely so she can hold her hubby and take her topographic point.

Act 3:

“Now. kids. this is a tribunal of jurisprudence. The jurisprudence. based upon the Bible. and the Bible. writ by Almighty God. prohibit the pattern of witchery. and describe decease as the punishment therof. But similarly. kids. the jurisprudence and Bible damn all beaters of false informant. ” Danforth said this to the people in the tribunal. He was explicating the fact that you possibly able to lie here on Earth and acquire off with it. but the heavenly male parent ( God ) knows the truth. And he’s the 1 that chooses whether you go to heaven or to hell. So do non falsy accuse anyone of something they didn’t do. and make non be a falso informant to a false instance. because in the terminal it will ache you into to traveling to heaven or to hell. Danforth is reasonably much threatening and frightening the people with Gods will. that no 1 else has. besides God

“I think non. or you should certainly cognize that Cain were an unsloped adult male. and yet he did kill Abel” . Parris says this to Proctor. This quotation mark means that even good people can perpetrate offenses. Proctor was questioned about his reading on the Gospel. Parris states that if Proctor does read the Gospel it doesn’t halt him from idolizing the Satan. Therefore. this shows that you can’t trust anyone during this clip.


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