In a first glimpse. Hawaii seems to be a state that purely holds its cultural values and individuality with pride. go forthing no room for foreign beliefs and patterns to turn. However. my first feeling has been proven incorrect as for the first clip. I set pes on the halls of Temple Emanu-el. a Judaic temple situated in 2550 Pali Highway. Honolulu. Hawaii. 96817. On a Friday eventide. 28 November 2008. half an hr past seven. I was exposed to the patterns and beliefs of Orthodox Judaism through Rabbi Peter B. Schaktman. .

It was a minute of assorted emotions for me since I merely knew Judaism through books. telecasting. movies. and cyberspace. and that I thought I would hold been overwhelmed by the spectacle of one of the world’s major spiritual systems However. I was ab initio surprised by the size of the temple as it was wholly different from how I had imagined it to be ; the topographic point was comparatively little. possibly because Judaism is non Hawaii’s chief faith. however. the size of the topographic point was merely different from what I ever thought.

Judging by the size of the topographic point. I would state that 300~350 people could sit accommodated in the temple. The structure’s ceiling was high. and the interior designs made me remember the frontages of the Roman Catholic Church. The temple besides contains what the curate called an Ark. the Ark is a adorned cabinet wherein the Torah of the temple is housed And like other topographic points of worship. I besides noticed that Temple Emanu-el besides has a dais in an elevated platform where the Torah and other Bibles are read.

Hebraism is a faith that promotes Judaic individuality and civilization. I seemed to hold noticed that there is non much art in the in the Ark of Temple Emanu-el. The most likely ground is that the Judaic consider that portion of the temple as the holiest country. Apart from the cosmetic drape that serves as the screen for the Ark. the lone objects to be seen in the temple are object of spiritual significance such as the Ark and a candle base.

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The lone non-religious object near adequate to be considered art were a twosome of flowers in vases positioned near the Ark. During the worship service proper. the lone clergy member nowadays in the temple was Rabbi Schaktman. I have no thought as to why he was the lone clergyman nowadays during the clip. but during the worship services. he was accompanied by a Cantorial Soloist named Ken Aronowitz who sang the vocals and anthem. Although spiritual anthems and vocals are non to be appreciated as an artistic attempt. I can state that Mr.

Aronowitz’s voice is capturing edifying. While I was take parting in the worship services. I have observed that the fans have the book named Gates of Prayer. I realized that people from the religious order see the book as a usher to the service and to religious enlightenment. From my experience that dark. it appears that in every service. the Rabbi discusses and interprets every chapter of the book with the fans. Based on my observation. the book contains the words of God every bit good as the anthem of congratulations to God.

Continuing further with the patterns and rites. I noticed that a peculiar differences between Judaism and Christianity. foremost is on the treatment of the contents of Gates of Prayer. During the service. Rabbi Schaktman read and discussed the differentiation of Hebrews from gentiles through analysis of the words non-Jews celebrate: Jews Observe. The Rabbi interpreted the exact contents of the book. nevertheless. he merely used a linguistic communication that everyone could merely understand.

There are certain minutes where the Rabbi told us a narrative based on his experiences and related the narrative with the subject discussed during that dark. And the narrative the Rabbi used was an article from the newspaper Honolulu Advertiser which revolved around the jubilation of thanksgiving. The Rabbi said something about Judaic attitude for Thanksgiving. and in making so. he implied that as a Jew. observing Thanksgiving is go againsting the Law of Moses and that conforming to tradition non set by God and his Prophetss Christmas should be eliminated.

Another differentiation I have observed in the Judaic worship service was the anthem or the vocals of congratulations. In practising Christianity. I had to individually convey the bible and a book which contains more than 700 vocals. In Temple Emanu-el. the words from God ( which is taken from the Bibles ) and vocals were compiled in the Gates of Prayer. and most of the vocals of congratulations appear to be sung in the Hebrew linguistic communication. In add-on. the vocals of congratulations come in between the Rabbi’s sermon. After he finished a paragraph in the book. people sing.

Although I couldn’t understand the linguistic communication of the anthem. the vocals decidedly got through me in such a manner that the melodies of the vocals remain in my caput. If I had recording equipment. I truly wanted to enter the vocals but. our teacher advised that it is a ill-mannered gesture to convey a recording device and record activities of people we are non familiar with. Another absorbing rite is the Judaic memorialization of the dead. The walls on both sides of the Temple Emanu-el lists names of more than 500 people on wood environing the temple and right beside the names were light bulbs with a few turned on. .

At first I thought it was some kind of cosmetic art to do the temple attractive. but I asked to Rabbi after the service. and he said that the names with the visible radiation bulbs turned on were the dead people who worshipped in the temple and died during that hebdomad or that month. The Rabbi besides said that it was the Temple’s manner of care foring the memory of their asleep brothers and sisters. Although the temple’s rite of honouring the deceased was comparatively new to me. it produced a deep feeling on me. This is because I merely knew of marking rites in the traditions of Christianity.

And I personally thought that the Christian patterns of continuing the memory of the dead accorded with the other spiritual systems. Another ritual I saw during my visit at the Temple Emanu-el was the Judaic tradition on matrimony. That dark. an occupied twosome came to the temple with their households. the Rabbi gave them approval of Lynne Chun and Harvey Reackmil on the juncture of their approaching matrimony. and after the Rabbi granted the approval. everyone started to state “mazltof! ” I guess that it is their manner of stating praises to the freshly blessed twosome.

. After the address of service. Rabbi Schaktman easy came to our side and tried to do oculus contact with each of us. I ab initio thought that I needed to pay for the aggregation merely like in the Christian church that I used travel to. But from the manner he looked at us. I felt like he is seeking to give us a opportunity to recognize our wickednesss for the past hebdomad and motivate us non to do the same errors once more. Following the stoping ceremonial of the service. I came to a realisation that the Judaic faith is non every bit promising as it claims itself to be.

Equally far as I respect some of the Judaic beliefs. imposts. traditions. and patterns. I candidly find Judaism’s norms uncomfortable. One is that the philosophies are so individualistic and really prejudiced as the Rabbi discussed the immoralities of non being Judaic and how the Judaic manner turns out as the right way in life. Besides the Rabbi gave us an feeling that I and the remainder of the category who went there were non welcome in their temple or in their community. Possibly I was merely being excessively sensitive in this affair. but when I tried to speak to the Rabbi. he did non pay any attending to what I was stating or to the inquiries I were inquiring.

The experience was estranging. although the Rabbi invariably told us to comeback anytime. we felt it was merely a gesture with no idea to it. As my incredulity and misgiving in God or any godly being. I find myself unaffected by the beliefs and patterns of Judaism. Neither did its changed my incredulity of God As such. sing the temple and take parting in Jewish worship services did non impact my beliefs. thoughts. and my ain perceptual experience of the experience every bit good as the faith itself.

However. it does non needfully intend that I do non esteem Judaism and all of its followings. as a affair of fact ; despite the unwelcome intervention we received from the Rabbi. my extreme regard for Judaism and for its trusters remain steadfast. Like other major faiths in the universe. my visit in Temple Emanu-el has proven that Judaism. as manifested by their philosophies and vocals of congratulations. is a faith rich in tradition. civilization. and ways to set up individuality. But faith is non about continuance of tradition or constitution of individuality. but it is more of profession and showing personal beliefs irrespective of what such beliefs clasp.


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