Learning how to read was a difficult task for me because I never was the reading type. My mother always pushed me to be the best I could be and reading wasn’t one. Having a strict well educated mother who puts my education above anything else has its perks. Every night she would read stories to me. Most of my reading came from when my mom would drive me to my dads work. She also made me read to her to help me pronounce words and improve my grammar skills. I’ll never forget saying the alphabet over and over again, sounding out each letter’s sound.

My mom wasn’t the only figure who influenced my learning. Mrs. G, my First grade teacher, used to read to us all the time. Magic Tree House books were the first I remember and the first I started to read on my own. Mrs. G really pushed us to read as much as possible, preaching that reading was the key to success. I also remember writing my name on the top of my desk so I wouldn’t forget how to spell it. Another thing that helped with learning how to write were spelling and vocab words.

For homework we would have to write the spelling words three times each and put them in a sentence. For vocab words we just rewrote the definitions. Middle School is when the book reports started. Not only did I have to read the book and write about it, I had to present my project and take notes on my class mates presentations. I read Moby Dick and it was really long. I’ll probably never forget that one. High School was rough. Essays became a routine thing for me. but MLA format wasn’t.

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I always seemed to mess up. My eleventh grade English teacher taught me how to make better eye contact when you speak and always listen to how you are talking. You need to know if your talking fast or too slow. We were always speaking in front of the class or on the daily announcements. Every Tuesday we had to write a journal entry. This could be about what ever we wanted. She just wanted to make sure our grammar and spelling were solid and she was also interested in what we did over the weekend.

Most of the time I’m reading sport magazines or The Hunger Games. Being in the Fire Department I really need to make sure I speak clearly when transmitting information over the radio. During a fire time is precious and there isn’t time to repeat info over and over again. On the same note I need to make sure I listen well because I need to know what rooms to search or if there’s somebody trapped inside. Now that High School is over I’m ready for college and excited for my reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to develop further.


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