I love going. particularly to those beautiful musca volitanss here in the Philippines. I’ve been to Pangasinan. Quezon Province. Tarlac. Pampanga. Bataan. La Union. Baguio. and Tagaytay. One thing that I can’t forget are my trips to Baguio. I’ve been at that place several times with different comrades. I about memorize the different topographic points at that place that the tourers visit every clip they go at that place like Burnham park. Mines View. Wright Park. Botanical Garden. Strawberry Farm. Groto and others.

One of my trips to Baguio that I still retrieve was when I was with my uncle and his household. together with my sister and hubby. It happened last January 1. 2011. It was already four in the forenoon when I woke up. because we will go forth at precisely 5 am.

After four hours of going. I could experience the cold zephyr of the air. At last were at that place! But the odor of the air. the cold that makes me chill from the first clip that I’ve been at that place seven old ages ago was non that similar for me now. Then our trip to Baguio started for the whole twenty-four hours. we go to beautiful topographic points at that place. Because it was their first clip at that place. my hubby and I served as their circuit usher. We ate our breakfast at KFC in Session Road. I ordered fried poulet. rice. java and sundae for desert. From there we started taking up our images.

After breakfast we went to Baguio Cathedral. and there they took a batch of images. because it was their first clip at that place. they were so aroused. With their different airss. anyplace even there were non so beautiful position. Even it was dazed and the positions were non that clearly seen in the images we still continue taking up our keepsake images.

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Following topographic point we visited after the cathedral was a garden. that was the Baguio’s Botanical Garden. for me it was more beautiful now compared before. It was more systemize and clean now. The cave that connects Botanical Garden to Mines View Park was more interesting to seek now. non like before that it seems like an ordinary transition. but that cave served as a fortress of the Filipino soldiers during the war here in the Philippines.

Then we went to Wright Park. we rode Equus caballuss. We besides go to Mines View at and bought Ag jewelleries. really it was my uncle’s dainty to all of us. After all the topographic points we’ve been at that place. we go back to Barrio Fiesta. But it was excessively late for tiffin and we were all hungry. we ordered batch of nutrients. After eating. they still want to travel in other topographic points. but the trip will took four hours once more traveling place. So. they decided to travel down. We bought strawberries. ube jam. strawberry jam and other daintinesss that can be bought at that place. It was so exhausting. but if you’ll expression for the entireness of Baguio it’s merely like Gapan in country.


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