Michael Barras February 10, 2014 The two essays I chose was “Homeless” and ” This old house: The heart is a lonely menagerie. As I was skimming through the different essays these two really stood out. The similarities and differences really bring the two stories together. Everyday people are put situations where they take life for granted. Homeless by Quintile, A. (n. D. ) describes how a woman Judged a woman she met on the street. We should never Judge anyone because we do not know their situation. As the woman who was homeless in the story once had a house full of luxurious teems.

She once had a life that everyone wanted. As she stood there in her raggedy clothes no one would ever thing she had a beautiful home. Society tends to Judge people that are dressed in dirty clothes, or smelly ones. They think they are thieves or killers Just by their appearance. Many times that is not the case, its Just some people run in to bad luck and have no choice but to be homeless. The other woman in the story, in my opinion takes life for granted. Even though she loves the dumb things in her home that did not stop her from Judging the homeless woman.

This old house: The heart is a lonely menagerie by Seeders David. This story describes how this family does not matter where things come from as long as they are fed and there is clothes on their back. The family didn’t have much money nor were they able to always afford new things, but they made due with what they had. The mother in the story valued her things even though they have may been old or dusty. She would focus more on the beauty of the item rather then quality of it. Every time someone would come over and look at her furniture she would yell ” You like it?

Its Scandinavian”. The mother did not care what people though of her furniture. She was proud of the things she had. The two stories are similar and different. They both show us about the value of being homeless and having a home. In both stories it has someone Judging the other. In “Homeless” the woman once had a home and now she does not and the woman judged her for that. Everyday we should value you the things we have in our homes. We shouldn’t Judge someone based on their appearance, because we never know their situation. Reference my life By extend

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