My long weekend during the June/July holidays began with a very frustrated and angry beginning. It all began on the Thursday when I finished work, I remembered that I had to ring up and make an appointment at the orthodontist in Melbourne for the 25th of June. So I proceeded to dial the number, after about five minutes of calling the phone was finally answered, only to hear that the orthodontist was not going to be working there on Friday and that my braces should’ve already been off, well this sent me through the roof, I went on a rampage of frustration punching anything and everything insight. Consequently having to repair a door a few days later.

However my anger soon turned to happiness (not really) when I rang up again to find out that I could get them off on the Tuesday. The other good news was that I was playing hockey for Dandenong in Geelong on Friday night, and this is where my fun began, knowing that I would be staying down there for the weekend. I caught the bus down to Dandenong, arriving at 10.45; I then went shopping before having to catch a ride to Geelong, where we lost hockey 4-3 after dominating the first 10 minutes of the second half, before the tables were turned upside down and we lost. Nevertheless I enjoyed myself as I assisted a goal and tagged a player out of the game, and knew that tomorrow I would be seeing Emma.

I was forced to get up at 6:30, to be at Hawthorn Hockey centre at 8:30 to watch my younger brother play in his U13 country week championships. I watched his first 4 games before going to the state hockey centre to watch Emma play in the U18 girl’s team. From there we went, Ten Pin Bowling on the Saturday night, having a great time with Emma before going home. The next day been Sunday I went and watched Mark (older brother) and Emma play; for their Dandenong teams, after the game organising to go to the movies on Monday. Once again we had a good time at hockey and both couldn’t wait until we would see each other again at the movies the next day.

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I woke up around 9am on Monday morning, having a shower then walking to the train station to meet Emma. She as usual was late as she had missed the train she was planning to come on, however I didn’t really care. We then walked to the movies, where we saw Shrek 2. It was an excellent movie and we enjoyed each others company. We then decided to go back to my brother’s play where we watched a DVD, although we both weren’t really interested in the movie, rather each other. It came time for her to go home and my brother took her home, although we were both sad that we wouldn’t see each other for a week; we both agreed that we had a fun and enjoyable day.

However this was not the end of my long weekend as I still had to get my braces off, and boy I couldn’t wait. I Arrived there about 30mins before my appointment and waited for about an hour before I was finally allowed in. It took about 5mins to take them off but then he had to drill away all the cement/glue and polish my teeth, before taking a mould of my mouth for my plate, in which he attempted four times, as my teeth and jaw were to big for the mould. I had to come back at 4pm to pick up my plates, once collecting my plates; I left for a short walk to Spencer St Station where I caught the 4:10 bus back to Korumburra.

Once I arrived home I found out that my Nan who has cancer, had, had a bad fall during the night, and consequently bruised her face and upper chest region. This news wasn’t so good, as she was very frail and subsequently passed away 2 weeks later. This was the low light of my long weekend with the time spent with Emma been the highlights.


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