My love for horses Essay for college application Standing in the arena next to this tall animal that could crush me scared me but also made me excited. The horse turns his head and softly knickers to me. I slowly lift my hand out to pet his enormous head. He takes a couple of steps towards me and I squeal a little and Jump back afraid that he will crush me. He stops Just an inch from me and nudges my hand searching for any smell of a treat. I laugh and turn to my teacher. She comes up to me and says “k, I’m going to give you a leg up so that you can get your foot into the stir-up. I nod and step onto the crate that’s in front of me hen I put my foot in to the cradle she made with her hands and all of a sudden I’m on that tall horse. I pat his neck and smile a huge smile. My teacher clipped the lunge line onto the bridle. I kick him into a walk and ask “Can I trot please? ” She nods and I make a kissing noise to Dakota and say trot. He kicks into a faster pace and suddenly I’m laughing and having the best time in the world. This is the first time I have ever experienced trotting a horse all by myself. I go with the rhythm of the horse’s feet and post up and down in the saddle.

After a while I stop Dakota and slid if the left side of him and give him a huge hug around his neck. I can feel him breathing really hard on my neck and I giggle. I grab the reins and lead him out of the arena and to the barn where I UN-tack him. Putting the tack away was extremely difficult for me because I wasn’t strong at all. But as I grew older I became stronger. After everything was put away and cleaned, I grabbed a carrot and headed back to Dakota I lay my hand flat and feel his lips slide across my hand to grab the treat.

Then I set him free to play with his friends. I have been riding horses since I was in fifth grade and I have always wanted to do meeting with them and when I looked into colleges that have the majors that I wanted to go into like horse Trainer/ Teacher, Equine Entrepreneurship, Facility Management. There are also several other majors that have to do with horses that I would love to go into but I don’t know if they are for me. There are several colleges that have to do with these majors and this was one of them.

I had to choose between colleges all around the United States. I choose this one because it was closer to home and on weekends or break I could easily Just drive back up to Michigan to see my family and friends. There is nothing better than being able to drive back to see your family and friends that you haven’t seen in a while or a week. I hate the idea of being so far away from my family and friends that need help. Another thing that I like about this college is that it will help provide you with the 100 hours of internships.

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You have so many options of internships at some of the top locations in the country. That is something that I am very interested in to where I can get more experience in some of the areas that I would like to major in for most of my life. Finally I noticed that there are some great facilities at your campus. A very large stable to hold around 110 horses for everyone to use. Several arenas you can choose from. A couple outdoor arenas and one indoor arena for dressage and floor work.

I love the fact that the college Is small so I malign get some more one on one time Witt my teacher to Nell me with the stuff I don’t understand or the things that I need to work on with my horse. Going to this college will be the best opportunity that could come my way with all the majors that I want to go into and that has all the requirements that I would love to have like it being a small college and the choice of being able to live on or off amass and with one gender housing and coed housing, and it being so close to home I don’t have to worry about my friends and family.

I have searched and searched for a college that has all the majors in Equine Studies that I want to go into and I couldn’t find any other college that has all those majors and still have all the requirements that I want to have in it. I assume that you have gotten several applications like this one but I hope that my story has made you realize that I am willing to work hard and make the best out of the opportunity that I have to be in the wonderful college.


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