The most memorable twenty-four hours in my life is when I meet my best friend Kyla. I was dating this male child named Quinlynn for approximately 2 ? old ages and we foremost started dating we went about it all the incorrect manner. We snuck about and lied to our parents and made truly atrocious errors. Then one twenty-four hours we made the biggest error and my parents found out. When my parents found out they told his female parent and we all meet at my house and had a treatment about our error. His sister came with them with her fellow and her female parent and her brother. I had gone to school with Kyla and I ever wanted to be friends with her. Before they left Kyla asked my ma about her day care and if she had any parttime occupations. The following twenty-four hours Kyla came over and was speaking to my ma about working for her.

Then approximately 2 hebdomads went by and Kyla started we talked merely a small spot and I helped her cognize where everything was at and all the childs names and how to make everything. The more she worked there the more we talked and noticed how alike we were. My parents liked Kyla so much and trusted her they allow me pass the dark at her house. On Mondays we went running. Tuesdays and Wednesdays we went to travel play volleyball. Thursdays we went and played hoops with her brothers. and on Fridays- Sundays we went to parties. films. and promenade. went out of town. or spent the dark over each other house. I love my best friend we are ever speaking on the phone and skyping each other and texting. If I would hold non got into any problem I would non hold meet my lucifer. That’s my memorable twenty-four hours. the twenty-four hours I meet my best friend Kyla Hawkins.


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