As his travels continue, Khan inspires so many people in his own way and e brings Joy to others whenever he roams by spreading messages of goodwill. One of the most Interesting elements that were put forth In this film Is human nature. In the film, Razor who is Arizona mother, told her son that in the world, there are Just two kind of people that are good people who do good deeds and bad people who do bad things.

Razor do not taught her son to discriminate people according to their religion, races or social status but to understand that no matter who you are, if you do good deeds, then you are a good person but if you do bad things, then you are a bad person. In human nature, of course, there are good people and bad people. It depends on which side do the person want to act upon. In the film, Relevant insisted marrying Mandarin even though she has different religion from him because to him Mandarin is a good person. However, his brother Kari cannot accept the decision made by Arizona.

In this film, stereotype, prejudice and discrimination are few of the elements that were presented to the audience. These three elements often be the main problem In cross-cultural Interaction. Stereotype Is a fixed Idea or image that major part of the society have of a particular type of person or thing that was not necessarily true (Gibson,2000). According to Lusting & Strokes, (2013), whereas prejudice is define as people’s attitude and thinking that are based on a faulty and inflexible stereotypes, discrimination can be defined as prejudice “in action”. People usually choose to discriminate people who are deferent from them.

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The element that I want to point out In this paragraph Is about the culture of discriminating people who are different from other. We will never know why the other person Is different compared to other ND what did that one person go through to be that different than others. The elements of discrimination in the society can be seen evidently before and after Arizona Khan was brought to San Francisco by his brother, Kari Khan, after the death of their mother, Razor Khan. Since Arizona was a child, he was discriminates by people around him because he is different from others. People do not understand why he is being the way he was.

This Includes his own brother, Kari Khan who never understands why their mother paid more attention to Arizona rather than giving the same amount of attention to him. Arizona not only being push away from the society but also he was not accepted by his own family, that is his brother Kari. Even though, Russian’s mother, Razor, never learn about Russian’s condition and how to handle such person, somehow she managed to understand Arizona in her own way and what more impressive is she able to make Arizona a much better person than others rather than criticizing and discriminating other people who are different from us.

We should understand why some people are different from others. That way, we may overcome the tendency of ourselves discriminating other people without any roper understanding of the person we try to discriminate. We can also see the element of discrimination after the 9/1 1 tragedy hit New York. All of the people in the world especially in America discriminates all of the Muslims. For example, Mandarin had to close her beauty shop because there are no customers coming to her store.

This is because they know that Mandarin’s husband, Arizona, is a Muslim and her last name was name after her husband last name that is ‘Khan’ which indicates a Muslim name even though she is a Hindu. Mandarin’s son, Sesame, also faced the same crisis s his mother did. He was bullied and discriminated by his own friends because of his last name was put as ‘Khan’ even though he is a Hindu. The situation gets even more serious when Sesame died while defending himself from getting bullied by others. Discrimination is not healthy to be practice in a society because it could harmful to those who are not at fault.

Careful observation and understanding should be put forth before any assumptions are made. We can also relate the elements of stereotyping in the situation I have mentioned earlier. Even though Sesame and Mandarin are not Muslim but because of their last name is ‘Khan’, they have been discriminated by those around them as if they are Muslim. As soon as people hear their last name, people immediately assume they are Muslims. Another situation of stereotyping is when people all around the world associate Muslims with terrorism.

Their stereotype is Muslims are terrorists. Since then, people always afraid of Muslim and boycott Muslims because to the society especially in America, Muslims are dangerous and this is called prejudice. They have bad impression about Muslims all around the world. People should not over-generalize about a culture, race, religion or group of people because every person has distinctive characteristic, principle and attitude even though they do culturally belong to a certain group or society. Another element that was presented in the film is the element of biasness.

For example, when Arizona is on his Journey to meet the America President, he stopped by at a motel to get a place to sleep. The owner of the motel was also an Indian Just like Arizona. At first, Arizona ask the owner in English whether there was any available room for him to .NET for the night. Then, the owner immediately answer that there were no room left for him. Suddenly, Arizona started to mumbled in Hindi language, and after the owner heard the mumble, he immediately recognized Arizona as his Indian friend and offered Arizona his room and extra services.

We can see that the motel’s owner is very bias towards his race which is Indian people. He is so happy to meet his own people like Arizona. People tend to be bias or favor those who have the same religion, race or culture with them. Moving on with the next element that was presented in the film hat is ‘cultural shock. Since the arrival of Arizona Khan in San Francisco, Arizona Khan started to have hard time adjusting to the new place. Arizona was assisted by his sister-in-law to adapt with the new environment he was in.

As a person with Speaker’s Syndrome, Arizona has fear for new place and new people. He also hates yellow color and sharp sounds. Therefore, Arizona cannot normally walk down the road in San Francisco without any assistance. Obviously, when a person is in a new culture or environment. He or she has to find way to adapt with the current place hey are living. For example, in the film, while Arizona is having a hard time adapting with the new place he was living, Hashish helped Arizona to find ways to adapt with the new place by giving him a camcorder.

He was told by Hashish to see the world through the camcorder while he was walking down the road so it would seems like he was watching television. Therefore, Arizona will not feel afraid to explore the new place himself. Other than that, non-verbal communication is also one of the biggest elements that were portrayed in the film. Because of Arizona is having a hard time immunization his feelings verbally, he often showed his feelings and emotion through his action and non verbal signs.

For example, he always helps Hashish to carry her bag everywhere as a sign of appreciation and love to Hashish as the person who always take a good care of him. Other than that, Arizona also likes to smile and looking at Mandarin as a sign that he likes her. Arizona always showed his feelings and emotions through non verbal communication which indicates that he usually practices high context communication where people have to be aware of his non verbal message to have an effective communication with him.

Compared to other people, non verbal communication is Arizona main tool in communicating his real emotions and feelings. Therefore, there might be a bit misunderstanding happen when people like Arizona are communicating with people who are using low context in their communication. They might not understand the feelings and emotions portrayed by people like Arizona. Besides that, the element of world peace and conflicts also was portrayed in this film. Based on this film, since the 9/1 1 tragedy, Muslims are having conflicts with people around the world especially Americans hen Muslims were accused to be a terrorist.

Especially in America, Muslims started to hide their identities as Muslims because if not, they will be discriminated and abused by other people. Things got worse when not only Muslims were attacked but also those who are mistakenly identified as Muslims such as Indians, Pakistanis, and so on, who are not even Muslim but mistakenly discriminated and abuse by the society. Therefore, the reputations of Muslims are getting worse in the eyes of the society. However, in the film, Russian’s good deeds, to many people he met regardless f race and culture; open the eye of the world to see that Muslims are not supposedly a terrorist.

It is a choice made by an individual and the choice made is not influenced by the religion because there are no religion in the world would recommend it followers to do bad things and sins. By understanding these facts, world peace is able once again to be restored. World peace exists when the people understand and tolerates each other differences in terms of cultures, religion and races. Without tolerance and understanding, people in the whole can never live together in peace.

In brief, the film ‘My Name is Khan’ directed by Koran Jar, is full of cross cultural elements that can be dissected one by one such as human nature, discrimination, stereotype, prejudice, biasness, cultural shock , non verbal communication and not to mention, world peace and conflicts. This film is so intense with it valuable contents and lessons. Therefore, to me it is a very good film to watch. Gibson, R. (2000). Intercultural business communication. New York: Oxford. Lusting, M. W. & Strokes, J. Intercultural Competence: interpersonal communication across cultures. London: Pearson.


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