It was a normal Friday in March except for the fact that I got my license. So my friends and I thought about what we were going to do now that I have my license. Well, we cruised around town thinking we were hot stuff and that we were better that most kids in school since I had my license before many of my friends. We decided that we’d go off-roading since I had the huge truck. It was a hunter green 1979 Ford F-250 Custom. It had huge 33-inch tires, a loud crackling exhaust, and a unique 2-inch thick oak plank flatbed. It really was a beast. So we roared around the backroads hitting bumps and flying into fields just causing a little mischief not doing too much harm. After a week of horsing around in the truck, we became quite bored. So we decided to do something else. We sat around pondering what to do, nothing really came to mind. So my friends and I decided to go to a girl in our class’s birthday party at the local recreation center. So on the way to the party we contemplated what we’d do afterward.

My friend Chris brought to our attention the he just bought a brand new paintball gun. So with that in mind, we decided that we’d cruise around after the party and shoot houses with it. So we went to the party. We danced, talked with friends, flirted around with the girls, and had an all-around good time. So at the party we discussed who and where we’d go shoot the paintballs. We unanimously chose to shoot a girl’s house that we really disliked. Till this day, neither of us knows why we dislike her. But anyway, Shannon Everett was her name and her house was the target. So as the party came to a close, Chris, Sise, and I sprinted to the truck excited about the attack on Shannon’s house. We speeded to Chris’s house so he and Sise could change and to get the Trracer, the beautiful new gun. While waiting for them, I could only feel the adrenaline pump in my body. As Sise and Chris pounced down the stairs, Cathy, Chris’s mom asked why we were all dressed in black at 10:30 at night. She asked what kind of mischief we were going to cause tonight. We just snickered and said we were going up to my house for a nice friendly game of Night Capture the Flag. Little did she know that what we were doing was nothing of the sort. So Sise and I meandered to the truck while Chris scurried off behind the house. A couple seconds later we saw Chris come out with a black gym bag bulging at either end. He jogged over to the truck gripping the bag like a $100 bill. We piled into the cab of the truck and started it and drove to my house, only a mile away. We hopped out of the truck and walked into my house. Chris and Sise waited downstairs and told my mother that we were going to Sise’s house for a friendly game of Night Capture the Flag. So I got dressed into some green army camouflage given to me by my uncle. I put on my black Nike hi-tops and rumbled down the stairs. I started to walk through the living room and my mom called me over as Sise and Chris walked outside. She said to me she didn’t want any mischief going on and I assured her that everything was cool. She said goodnight and told me to be safe.

All three of us then pranced through the yard over to the beast. We then drove off to get gas and then head for our attack. We pulled into the 7-11. I pumped the gas while Chris prepped the gun and Sise ran inside to pay and to get our favorite beverage until we were 18, Zimmerman’s Iced Tea. This tea had something in it that we all liked. It tasted like no other tea around. Rumor has it that the workers spit their tobacco juices into it. By the time I finished pumping, Chris had the gun ready for the assault. We mumbled about how we planned this so well that we concluded that nothing could go wrong. We journeyed across town to our destination, Shannon’s house. We cruised pass the house so we could run around at the dead end after house. We got to the dead end and when I tried to turn around, I became stuck in the mud. So Sise got out and turned the hubs and then I kicked it into 4×4 mode. After this little ordeal, we got to the top of the hill, our target in range. We loaded a handful of balls into the Trracer. We wound the windows down, got set, then I let the clutch fly. We chuckled in excitement as we drove down the smooth hill. Suddenly, BANG, BANGÐ’…..BANG BANG. Chris hit, not once, but four times, direct hits on the side of the blue-sided garage. We roared in laughter after the attack. I turned left at the stop sign and headed back into town. We cruised by some friends house’s to see who was home or not, and we figured most people were getting ready for bed. So we decided to head to Sise’s house and chilled there till 11:45 because since I was a pumpkin, I couldn’t drive past 12:00 at night. So at 11:45, Chris and I headed to my house. We lingered out of the truck because the adrenaline rush took all our energy. We walked into the house, put the paintball gun under the desk in the office, and walked into the dining room.

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We took off our needless black jackets and shoes and headed into the living room where my parents sat watching TV. Chris said to my mom that we had a great time playing Night Capture the Flag and I joked around with my dad about how the truck uses too much gas, which it did, 5 miles to the gallon. I walked out to the kitchen and grabbed two Cokes and headed upstairs to my room where Chris was already playing a corny game on the computer. I shut the door and said to Chris that what we just did was freaking awesome. He chuckled snickered and said we should do this every weekend. I nodded in agreement. So after a couple hours of gaming on the computer, we crashed. The next morning I drove Chris home and I went back to my house to do some spring-cleaning. Everything was normal. Nothing was said about the incident. Everything was hush. So we went to school on Monday saying nothing of the incident. All we said about the whole night was that we had a good time at the party. So we went to our classes and all everyone talked about was this party. We figured we were in the clear. At lunch, we chilled together and had a normal lunch. Over our shoulder we heard Shannon saying how someone put paint splashes on the side of her garage, we just looked at each other and gleamed. So, for the next week everything was stable, nothing out of the ordinary happened. Friday night came along and Chris and Sise were over for a little and then Sise had to go and Chris stayed up again. While us three were together, we contemplated who our next victim would be. We decided that the next assault would be Saturday night on Shannon’s friend Erica, who we also disliked. So Chris and I joked around how this was going to be next night would be. Then we both crashed. We both rolled out of bed around 10:30 and watched some TV in my room. Around 11:00 the phone rang, it was Chris’s grandmother. I handed the phone to Chris, after a minute or two he said “Mike, can you get out for a sec? So I left and chilled in the hallway. A couple minutes later, he said Mike, get in here now. I then rushed in to see what was the matter. He said that Mrs. Everett found out that it was Sise, him and I that did the shooting. I was like “oh hell, how did she find out.”

Chris said that his grandmother said we had to call and apologize for our actions or we’ll get in even more trouble. With the call also was said that he had to get home now. So I took Chris home and returned home. When I got home, I found the Everett’s number in the phone book and called immediately. Instead of talking to Mrs. Everett, I had to talk to Mr. Everett. I said I was sorry and that it was wrong what I did. He then informed me that he had the State Police investigation called off. I was like, you had an investigation on us, damn. So afterwards, I hung up and called Sise and told him the story on what to do. He too agreed to call right away and apologize since I mentioned the State Police investigation. After that, I called Chris to see what was up. Turned out that our mischief and lying cost him a month of groundation, no phone privileges no paintball gun for 3 months, and no driving with me school for the rest of the year. Even though he got into a lot of trouble, I was scot free, and so was Sise. My parents didn’t find out till my senior year when were shooting the word about paintball gun crimes in our area. Chris and I were there and stated that we made the precedent of the Lehighton Paintball Militia. We then explained what and when we did it. Still the troubling question of how Mrs. Everett found out was on all our minds. Turned out that my cousin Derek overheard us at the party talking about our little attack and decided to rat us out. Till this day, we still mention about the incident and bust on Derek for ratting us out and we know never to do this again


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