Proposal I plan to do my research on mass media and how It’s effecting our generation. My paper will determine rather mass media has had a negative Influence on today’s generation or not. My argument is that, yes, mass media has has had a negative effect on this generation. My plan is to argue both sides and come to a point in which I prove my thesis.

I would like to prove this through interviews of peers and adults of the generation before, as well as quoting those before me who have dwelled on this very subject matter. This affects me personally because I am a part of this generation and I can see what’s happening to it. I can see change and it’s not change in a good way. The central question my project hopes to address Is how has it effected our generation, and what Influences has it had on It. Our generation is at stake at this point and by doing my research I plan to find out why and how It happened.

The collective understanding I want my paper to reach Is that It doesn’t have to be this bad and we, as a generation should want more for ourselves because It’ll Just untied as a cycle as this generation grows up and have children of their own creating another generation following right after ours. I imagine I will go about my research by first explaining how our generation differs from others, then I plan on going on to explain how society and mass media has contributed to the change.

Although I won’t be focusing on one specific concept of mass media, I will touch on multiple, for example shows like “Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant, I’m Having a Baby & So is My Daughter” and etc. , Disney and Nickelodeon shows aimed at younger kids displaying “making out” and movies of young kids avian sex, running off with the opposite sex, as well as celebrities and what they’re doing In the Lime light.

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I see my project as an example of academic research because It will Include passages from scholars who have spoken on the topic, rates and statistics from life and family planning services which states that “teen pregnancies are at an all-time high”. I think it fits in with other examples of academic writing because it has the overall central argument. These examples and sources align with the purpose of my research because they are examples of how this generation is changing not for the rater good, but for the worse and its spiraling down fast.

One source I found disagreed with my argument, which found to be quite refreshing. It’s good to see that someone has hope for this generation but at the same time I feel like the argument of that source was unrealistic. The argument was that this generation Is becoming smarter and more driving due to negative Influences to not be Like that. To me, the argument sounds backwards. While that may reign true for some, most of this generation has been sucked Into this world wind high of a bad outcome filled with, less school, more pregnancies, more drugs, and more jail


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