‘My Role In Creating A Peaceful World’ Nowadays our country has involved in an accelerating development programmed which functions to intensify the modernity in our beloved country. However, the enhancements made has extremely show the abuses of itself. For an example, we see religion today in a state of havoc. Every religion is polluted with hundreds of sects all claiming to be the true one. People with different religious clash with one another. It is clear that greed has overcome these people. Their greed for power rules them. As a result, they will create a non-stop chaos.

Hence, it is necessary for us to tolerate and respect one another. We cannot imply assume we are right and the rest be damned. Individually, we too indulge ourselves in dishonesty. That is sheer dishonesty and arrogance. Within a country itself, we see some leaders in a constant battle for power. Their speeches and action stink of greed. They use any meaner to get what they want. They cheat and lie Just to remain on top. Honesty does not exist for them. They merely utter that they want to help people who are poor when in fact they want is to have rower and grow rich.

There seems to be no end of these conflicts that we experience. There is no end as long as we are dishonest and greedy. We will still declare war on others, we will still damn others who do not share our religious beliefs and we will still hate other people for whatever they are doing to us. The only way to get out of this problem is to regain our honesty and cast away our greed. Only then, we will have any real chance of making our world into one that is indeed peaceful and harmonious.


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