Elizabeth Welch. She was Just a regular teenager, (on the outside) everything was going wrong in her family, her parents devoiced, her sister Angela died in a car crash with her boyfriend, Justine, (my mom can’t sue him so she’s going to sue his parent’s) her best closest and only friend is in the hospital, (she Jumped out of a window, well more like throne) and it gets worse, her brother was in a motorcycle accident and got long term memory loss. Her stomach was always in a twist, and she always wanted to break down and cry. She felt god was punishing her, but for what?

Yeah she punched someone but he deserved it! “He said my black fuzzy coat made me look like a gorilla! ” “Anyway;ay guys should know by now not to make fun of us girls! ” “but other than that I was a good girl, I always clean my room, showered, and brushed my teeth the first time I was asked! ” Yet her life beat her up day after day, month after month, and she couldn’t take it any more. She was hanging on by a thread. But she tried to enjoy herself because she had a saying “live every minute like it’s your last cause you never no when you’re going to be hit by a school bus. ” when you’re going to be hit by a school bus. ” Chapter 1: her story


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