Monica’s parents play a immense function in restricting her entree to engineering. They choose to non utilize engineering which I think is the chief ground why they wouldn’t purchase a computing machine for their girls. Their intelligent sounds highly familiar to me because my parents have done the same sort of thing to me. I begged my parents for a cell phone from 7th class until my sophomore twelvemonth when I eventually bought my ain but they would ever state me I don’t need a cell phone while my ma had one and my pa had THREE for his work. Anyways. I can associate to Monica on many degrees. 2. I don’t believe Monica is to fault for her technological troubles at all. I think the chief ground she is holding problems is her parents except for the deficiency of engineering in her auto which is evidently the makers making and non her parents. The deficiency of engineering at the health-care installation is a reasonably large issue if you ask me. The engineering the workers could be and likely should be utilizing would greatly better the efficiency of the occupations they do. 3. Wunderlich’s mention to the weekend when terrorists were “supposed to be blowing up” the Bridgess in san Francisco was her manner of adding some comedy to the narrative because there was likely a bomb menace that twenty-four hours and she could hold potentially died merely because she didn’t have a GPS and got lost. If she had owned a GPS at the clip. she wouldn’t have gotten so lost and ne’er would hold been on both of the Bridgess on accident.


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