Theory of knowledge final presentation Topic: Health and beauty KNOWLEDGE ISSUE: How far can it be regarded that eating disorders are linked to our perception of beauty? My topic will focus on the distorted body images that the media portrays, especially for women and young girls. I want to inform you about what the media is doing, how they are directly affecting the self-esteem and confidence of women and young girls, and what the negative consequences of this can be. I will focus on how the media can cause women to develop eating disorders, dead to low self-esteem, negative attitudes to their body images, and unsafe dieting.

From magazines, to movies, to commercials, to Billboards, and finally ads, women all over the world are pressured to and affected by this problem everyday. This need to look a certain way is shown everywhere. My fellow young girls that what we see on TV, might seem as a reality and real life, on the contrary, it is quite different. Real life example on the Barbie twins Born on April 2, 1963 in San Diego California, the twins lived separately for most of their childhood. They were tomboys that aspired them to become nuns and terrestrials.

They had a family background firmly set in the celebrity and entertainment industry as their godmother is Dusty Springfield, their great aunts are the Andrew Sisters and their mother was a former Miss Ohio. Therefore it was no great surprise when they began a modeling career at the age of 7. The twins were in the newspapers, television, ads, magazines and billboards. Their immense popularity as top-selling pinups in the mid ass’s started with an eye-catching, larger than life. The LA Times did a cover story, which then circulated through the relied media causing an international sensation.

The Twins modeled in major fashion shows in Paris and throughout the world and for famous designer’s and designer labels such as Channel, Jean Paul, and John Gilligan. They were not only inside, but also on the covers of national and international magazines, newspapers and tabloids such as Redbook, Cosmopolitan. I The twins struggled with bulimia their bulimia and insecurities caused them to be obsessed with crash-dieting, binging and purging, abusing laxatives and destructive exercise routines for up to 10 hours a day.

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Their disorders manifested agoraphobia preventing them from attending the Hollywood major premieres and invitations they received, causing them to cancel events, and to turn down offers for their own television shows and movies, and even dates with their high profile suitors. During their recovery, the twins armed themselves with degrees in health and nutrition, and began lecturing in 2000 on “How to eat to live, not live to eat”. (Website left) I I Before I proceed I would like to define the key words in the knowledge issue; beauty and eating disorder?

Beauty is a combination f qualities such as shape, color, or that pleases the aesthetic senses esp.. Sight (from extort Lectionary). Eating Lassoer Is any AT a range AT campanological Lassoers characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits (such as anorexia nervous). We cut, wax, color, clip, straighten, shave, and curl. We lift, run, squat, and sweat. We spend far too long staring back at that person in the mirror, worrying, and wishing. Wishing that our stomach could be Just a little bit flatter, that our arms could be a little more toned, that our legs could be longer.

Wishing we could look Just like that Oman we see in the office, the grocery store, the mall. Fantasizing and pretending, telling ourselves “if only. ” It happens because we’re getting messages thrown at us everywhere we look, we watch shows that tell us we’re not good enough, we read magazines that tell us to work harder, and we take diet pills that only take off our self-esteem. Ad campaigns for stores and clothing lines feature women who you wish you could look like in your dreams.

Megan, a patient at The Renew Center in Florida described the struggle between her positive and negative body image this way: “Over he years, I have grown to see myself the way I believe other see me, as a failure, a disappointment, and a burden. These messages feel like a knot in my stomach that keeps tightening and never loosens. They are like a voice in my head that keeps repeating that I’m no good and nobody wants me around. They cause me to feel heavy and weighed down. I have become a very sad, introverted woman; afraid I will be rejected if I speak out.

I hurt myself by not eating, overeating or purging. I make sure I never feel satisfied, and I make myself believe that my accomplishments are not real. There is a small part of me, however, that does believe that I am a strong, independent, lovable human being, capable of experiencing emotions and trusting myself. ” I Just do all that I can to loose weight in order to be acceptable. How does media cause women to develop eating disorders? Anorexia nervous and bulimia nervous are the two eating disorders that affect every 7 young women in 1000, and every 1 man in 1000.

The statistics show that these eating disorders are more common in women than men. It will be an exaggeration to say that media solely is responsible for eating disorders. However, if analyzed deeply, media has been a major force in setting the beauty standards of society. Images on the television are rarely shown of average body types, like we exist in the normal life. Overweight characters are given less or no opportunities and it has been a norm to choose someone, ‘thin and of zero size’.

The modeling and fashion agencies have added fuel to the fire. Many ad agencies follow anorexic models. ‘Weight’ has been made the most popular keyword for all search engines and newspapers, diet magazines and TV commercials. Celebrity actresses are worshiped as God and nothing that they follow becomes a trend within no time Just because of their body shapes. I will give an example on the French fashion designer. Was kicked from the fashion industry in France because she started gaining weight.

They told her that she will not fit in the clothes any more so better find another Job else. She was not ashamed of her body she liked it and she didn’t want to destroy her own self so she left the studio. This is also linked to dance especially ballet dancers. What is considered beauty in a Dawdle cancer:’ when you thank AT a Dawdle cancer or cancer you thank Immediately AT slender individual. In addition to the pressures of staying thin, dancers are faced with the stress of achieving perfection for performance, often with hours of exercise and rehearsals.

There are also sometimes additional pressures from the instructor to maintain and/or lose weight that become unreasonable. Because of these additional factors in the life of dancers this can put them at an increased risk of developing disordered eating patterns. In 1997 a young ballerina by the name of Hide Gunter died of fatal heart attack as the result of her Eating Disorder. She was Just 22. Now oh see the results of fighting against your own body, you are rejecting the functioning of genes inherited from your biological parent’s.

We all have genes coming from our fathers and mothers, by this I mean if your mum is fat then you are likely to get that characteristic from her but if doing all sorts of things to get become thin it the same as rejecting her as your mother. Lastly So where does beauty come from? Where can it be found? I can assure you it isn’t hidden in the words of any beauty, diet, or fitness magazine article. It doesn’t come in a 12 can pack and promise a smaller waistline. Remember we are human beings with different perspectives, we see things differently they I way I would describe the beauty of this room is different from what you would say.

I my own culture fatness I would call it rather is richness, when you put on weight people will start telling that you are eating health food. I can give an example on myself, when I first came here I lost a bit of weight because I was not used to the food so when I went home everyone was asking me do you eat well? As far as I know beauty is not something that comes out when it is covered up with keep or ejected from a needle, and it doesn’t come included with Jewelry or price tags, you won’t find it on a treadmill or in the weight room.

Beauty is what lies within you. You are beautiful, Just the way you are today, tomorrow, and forever. Be confident with the person you have grown to be. There will never be another you, so why would you try to be like someone else? Beauty comes in different forms for every woman natural, wonderful, healthy, fabulous and unique. That’s what you are, and I believe that’s what beauty is. My friends have told me to link it to science but I don’t know how put it words so kindly help me please.


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