Mysterious Monk java company is a cloistral cloistered environment where monastics from the Carmelite monastery of Clark. Wyoming spend their day-to-day manual labor hours roasting java ( Thompson. 2012. pg. 420 ) . The monastics are a spiritual religious order of the Catholic church and are to the full dedicated to their spiritual and religious side. which requires most of their day-to-day hours. be spent praying or contemplating in silence ; this leaves small clip to pass on java roasting productions. particularly due to the little population of monastics that are able to populate at the Carmelite monastery. There were many limitations that the Carmelite monastics faced with their java productions such as holding restricted roasting capacity. unequal land and partial workers. Father Daniel Mary. the prior of the Carmelite order. had a vision of spread outing the little monastery of 13 monastics. by making a new Mount Carmel in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming.

There is a nearby location called the Irma Lake Ranch that would include a big house. caretaker house. guesthouse. a Gothic church. a convent for Carmelite nuns. a hunting cabin and a dairy and Equus caballus barn ; this would let the monastics to spread out their chances. every bit good as expand their Carmelite monastic occupants ( Thompson. 2012. pg. 421 ) . This vision is everything that Father Daniel Mary of all time dreamed. the lone thing forbiding the alteration. is that the Irma Lake Ranch will be the monastics $ 8. 9 Million.

The Mystic Monk java company merely earns money based on their java gross revenues ( 11 % of grosss ) and contributions from private donators ; the Carmelite monastery received a $ 250. 000 contribution which they can utilize at their discretion ( Thompson. 2012. pg. 420. 423 ) . The undermentioned study will take a expression at the options that are available to the Carmelite monastics and what would be the most strategic program that should be enforced in order for the monastery to be successful. External and Internal Analysis

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S. W. O. T. Analysis

Strengths * Fair trade/ Organic Arabica beans * Variety of java spirits * Accessories ( jerseies. cups. CD’s ) * Online shopping is available * Tea has been added to selection * Free labour/ No rewards paid * Affordable/ sensible retail monetary value * Membership “coffee club” * Favors Catholic market ( big ) | Weaknesses * Limited roasting capableness ( 540 lbs/day ) * Limited production due to idolize * Cant expand due to limited land * Coffee is non a necessity ( tendency? ) * Caffeine is extremely habit-forming ( wellness ) * Purchase beans alternatively of turning * No concern expertise/ experience * No absolute competitory advantage * Poor net incomes ( 11 % of grosss ) | Opportunities * Expand handiness into food market shops * Collaborations ( Keureg. Tassimo ) * Other intents ( weight loss. bio fuel ) * Increase advertizements * Expand into international market * Start a franchise * Open java stores ( Starbucks. Tim’s ) | Threats * Poor java turning season * Natural disaster/ conditions * Economic Conditions ( recession ) * Established competition ( Folgers. nawab ) * Others’ personal spiritual beliefs * Dependant on donations/ revenues|

( Mysterious Monk. n. d. . pg. 1 )


The Mystic Monk java company has to look at their options before they are able to do a determination sing the continuance of their concern. The two options that are available to the Carmelite monastics at this point in clip are: 1 ) stay at the current location of Clark. Wyoming. and go on operations as they are and use some contribution money to buy another roaster to assist increase production or 2 ) see if the proprietors of Irma Lake Ranch would “gift” them a part of the spread without pecuniary refund. as a contribution. and they would pay the proprietors as a rental to have the staying balance of the land. until a breakeven point has been reached.

Discussion of Options

The first option is to remain at their current location to go on operations as they are. The advantages of taking this option are: 1 ) retaining their contributions and grosss to better their current monastery. 2 ) there is small to no hazard involved. The disadvantages of taking this option are: 1 ) there is small chance to spread out the Mystic Monk Company. 2 ) they can non easy increase their Carmelite population.

The 2nd option is to travel to a nearby country. which would affect buying the Irma Lake Ranch. The advantages of taking this option are: 1 ) the Mystic Monk Coffee can increase production easy. 2 ) there is a big chance to spread out. 3 ) the new Carmelite monastery would let its population to duplicate. The disadvantages of taking this option are: 1 ) there is a enormously high degree of hazard involved. 2 ) the proprietors may non endow the monastics any land.


After measuring the advantages and disadvantages of each option. a determination has been concluded that the most practical and strategic option would be to have a part of the Irma Lake Ranch. as a “gift” without pecuniary refund. so pay the land proprietors on a rental to have agenda with the increased net incomes projected from the new Mount Carmel location. This is the most logical choice if they want to spread out and better their Mystic monastic java trade name. every bit good as their community ; the Carmelites will hold no chance to turn or spread out if they choose to remain where they are and continue on as they have been. every bit good as shortly they will non be able to maintain the supply at an equal degree to cover the demand for their merchandises.

The Carmelite monastery would hold more fiscal chances available with this purchase. such as milk production from the dairy cattles. Equus caballus drives on the trails through the forest. increased population to assist joint and box the java. Besides. the monastics would hold sufficient land to be capable of turning and bring forthing their java beans without the demand of providers. which in bend will diminish the cost of goods sold and drastically increase the Mystic Monk’s net net income border from the current 11 % of the gross revenues gross. The hazard on this investing is exceptionally high. but if it is successful. the wages and pay off could be far greater than projected.

Action Plan

A realistic action program must now be devised. to guarantee that the old determination is executed right. otherwise the Carmelite monastics and the Mystic Monk java company will non be successful. The monastery is incapable of affording the Irma Lake Ranch with the financess that they presently have. including the $ 250. 000 contribution. The Mystic Monk java company should face the current proprietors of the Irma Lake Ranch and see if they would be willing to “gift” them a part of the belongings without pecuniary refund. which could be considered a contribution ; the staying balance owing on the land could be contracted as a rental or rent to ain state of affairs. where a breakeven point would be reached in a sensible clip frame. Besides. because the belongings has been “gifted” to the Carmelite monastics. they would be eligible to have a revenue enhancement interruption. which would significantly impact their fiscal position.

The new belongings would be able to offer the monastery an chance to spread out their trade name by presenting touristry. sustainability and other fiscal chances. If the Mystic Monk java company decided that they would be capable or turning their ain beans on the new land. they would be able to drastically cut costs on the cost of goods sold and extinguish providers. which in bend will increase their fringy net incomes from the gross revenues gross. All of these new chances are realistic and show that the increased net incomes would quickly and effortlessly be able to pay off the staying balance owing to the original Irma Lake Ranch proprietors.


In decision. the Mystic Monk java company has been successful with its entryway into the java market. nevertheless demands are increasing and new chances are being presented to the Carmelite monastery. If they wish to turn and spread out their concern and community. they are traveling to necessitate to take the hazard which is to relocate to a more practical location. ideally the Irma Lake Ranch.

Irma Lake Ranch offers many new chances to the Carmelite monastics. which they would non be exposed to if they stay at their current location. This belongings can let them to be independent from providers and venture into new venture undertakings such as presenting Equus caballus trail drives and milk from the dairy cattles. Although the monastics are a non-for-profit group. the gross revenues gross will largely be paid to the original belongings proprietors until the chief sum is depleted. the remainder of the money from net incomes and contributions will be put towards edifice. turning and keeping the new Mount Carmel Monastery.

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