I am glad that my final adventure in Marina is one I shall never forget. I feel happy leaving Marina knowing that peace has been restored. Caspian is a great leader and he will lead Marina fairly and strongly Just like his father. I will miss Caspian. I was one of his knights and it has been my pleasure to fight beside him. (Sigh) I am sad that I shall never pick up my sword and have a duel again. One of my favorite duels in fact was with Stance. Ah, Stance. He was such a nuisance when we first met, telling rations, showing no respect and Just being plain annoying.

When he picked up me up by the tail I was furious, no one touches my tail. It was given to me by Aslant when it got chopped off in a battle. When Stance was a dragon I thought that I was finally going to get some peace and quiet and I did, but I knew Stance was having some trouble adapting to the idea that he may never be a real boy again. I tried to make him feel comfortable by telling him stories so he was not thinking about it. Stance became a hero by protecting us from the serpent. He really showed his confidence.

I would normally say that I taught him that, well I did, but he really taught himself. He now has humility, kindness and courage. Stance was so different to his cousins at the start but now he is Just like them. Stance was a ad’s-believer before and currently he finally has an imagination. I hope he comes back to Marina because I know he is going to do great things one day. I shall miss Lucy and Edmund very much as I did and still do with Susan and Peter. I wish they can stay. I wish they haven’t grown too old.

Now that I am off to Clan’s country, I am sad that I will never see them again. (Sigh) I can still hear Lully’s last words to me “May l” she said. Normally I am not a hugger but anything for Lucy. I am Just so sad that I will never be able to see her precious face again. I wonder what it will be like. Clan’s Country. All the stories I have heard say that it has giant mountains covered in green trees in clear blue sky and a teal clouded ocean crashing on the white sandy beach. I am not sure if that is true. I hope it is. I wonder what is really there. I wonder who is there.

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