Inspiration All of my life I have been intrigued and inspired from all or most of today’s action sports. I remember growing up watching X Games, Dew Tour, Red Bull pro events, and even the Olympics. I loved watching the professional athletes go down the mega ramp on their skateboards, or do tricks on the street course on their bikes, or even the motocross riders doing insane trick on their dirt bikes. This all Inspired me as a kid because out of all the things you could choose to do as a career these athletes chose to put their lives on the line to do the sport they love.

They fought, every year, or who could go bigger and who could create a new trick Just to earn sponsor money, a trophy, or a medal, but the one thing you realize after watching an Interview or documentary on the rider Is that they do It because that Is who they are. They ride for the thrill and because they love to do It. Not everyone Is able to do half of the things professional athletes In action sports can do. So knowing and seeing this definitely inspired me as a kid.

All of this inspiration from watching action sports as a kid finally leads me to the sport of wisecracking, which I still enjoy to this day. Wisecracking is a water sport in which a boat pulls you via a rope and you use a buoyant board, which comes in several brands and sizes, to glide against the water. You are strapped onto the board via boots and bindings just like a snowboard. The boat produces a wake, which acts as a ramp, and you use that to do different tricks for wisecracking. My parents were always very supportive when it came to trying something new.

They raised two twin boys, so they had it coming to them from the beginning. Throughout the years my father introduced me to several sports such as basketball, oddball, hockey, motocross, skateboarding, biking, and several others. Now as a kid I loved to race and ride motocross bikes but then, after a few injuries, I gave that up because I realized it was not for me. While I was in school, I had a best friend named Brock. Both of us were teen boys so we got into our fair share of mischief. We both also loved hockey, riding dirt bikes, and anything that would be considered boy stuff.

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One day Brock was telling me about how his family bought a lake house and a boat and started to talk to me about them going wisecracking and tubing. I told him that I eave been tubing before, but would love to try out wisecracking. He accepted the challenge of teaching me, so one weekend his family Invited me on their boat. It was Brock, his father, two brothers, and I on Lake Alton In the early morning. I can still remember to this day the view of the sun as Is reflected Itself over the water as smooth as glass.

We were the only ones on the lake that early and It was a nice feeling having a section of the lake all to ourselves. It was a summer day In George so the weather was very nice. It was hot, but the cool water and breeze from the boat hurtling felt so good and so right. The anticipation started to make me all anxious and nervous as soon as we started to head off from the dock. We traveled on the boat to a long straight away cove so we were out of the main channel traffic of Lake Alton.

Even though we were the only ones out we still took the precaution to stay set people up to go wisecracking. This meant filling up the water ballasts; these are water weights under the boat to weigh it down in the rear to produce a bigger wake for the sport, put the rope on the tower, and to start getting the first rider all trenched and suited up. Brook’s oldest brother was going first for the day, so as he put on his life vest and strapped on his washboard Brock explained to me the basis of the sport and how to get up on the washboard.

That was my goal to get up on the washboard and ride by the end of the day. Brook’s older brother is about to go and before he Jumps in the water he looks at me and says, “l bet you I can land a backfill on the first try. ” I then told him that I would love to see that. So the boat throttles and he gets up and his riding Just seems so fluent. He is making it look extremely easy cause of his advanced skill level. It was almost like watching a pro. I started thinking to myself that I need to get at his level of riding.

He then edges out, this is how you turn and gain speed on a washboard, and sets up for a huge wake to wake jump. This means that he will clear both sides of the wake that the boat is producing. Brook’s older brother starts to give us a hand signal to let us know that he is going for the backfill. Once he did this my excitement rose due to the fact that I really wanted to see the outcome of him attempting this trick. Brook’s brother starts to aggressively edge in to gain speed for the trick and then he does it!

We all cheer in excitement because I have never seen anything like that before. It Just completely amazed me. It reminded me of being a kid again and watching professional athletes do tricks like that, but Brook’s brother was not pro. He was Just a fan of the sport and would do it as a hobby. Seeing this inspired me to get as good as I can as quickly as I can. Then it was my turn. I went and got up on the washboard and rode. It took me a few tries though to get the hang of it. It was such an amazing feeling to actually do it, even Hough I was a beginner.

So when it was all done I immediately fell in love with the sport and began to practice all the time with my other buddy, Will. He owns a boat as well and loves the sport so he was excited about me becoming involved into the sport. So up to this day, all summer long, I will practice on the boat or at the new cable park for wisecracking called Terminus Cable Park. My skills have advanced over the years and I still love it like the first day I experienced it. So I guess inspiration does pay off in the end when you commit and actually practice and set goals for yourself.


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