Generally, when someone mentions Mascara, one perceives a stereotypical image of lets, beer-bellies, or in easier terms, a “Redneck’s. ” Society general perception of a redneck’s is low-income, with little civic interest, and someone who is not very intelligent. But little do they know, this image is not exactly what one sees at a Mascara race. Mascara fans include a wide variety of people. This is not fair for Mascara fans to be put in this common category. In fact, many mistakes” and Canadians are fans of the sport. Employees of Mascara can vary from venders, sponsors, pit crews, media, and much more.

Behind the scenes are always very hectic and rushed because they re trying to get ready for the big events of race weekend such as the qualifying for the races and the races themselves. Workers usually begin getting ready for each race as early as two weeks ahead of time. Mascara drivers would probably be considered to have the best Jobs in Mascara. Their main responsibilities are to make sure they arrive at the track as least two days ahead of time, qualify, practice, and race. The rest of the time, they are hanging out with their families at their campsites or touring the town together.

From a distance, this sport may seem like Just a lot of fast and loud cars driving round in circles really fast, but it meaner a lot more than that to the fans, venders, sponsors, drivers, and the media. Lots of people, from the millions of fans to the drivers, and everyone in between look forward to the race season. There are thirty-six race weeks a year, with up to three races a week, one in each series. Friday is when the pre-action takes place, around one thousand horse-power, four gears, twenty-two gallons of high octane gas, thirty-four thousand pounds of metal, and a race team try out the track.

On Friday, forty-five to fifty cars each qualify by individually driving one o two laps on the track; the fastest forty-three cars get to participate in the weekend’s race. The fastest of them starts in first. They line up according to their time in qualifying. On Saturday, the cars have a time called “happy hour,” when the drivers pit crew makes last minute changes to the car or they make final preparations to be sure that the car is in proper condition for race day. Sunday is race day; this is when all of the days of trainings and practice payoff.

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Depending on the track, whether it is a road course, speedway, or super-speedway, the drivers adjust and repaper for the three hour drive of up to five hundred miles at nearly two hundred males per nor. Race Tans Till ten stands, ten concessions, ten Entitle, Ana ten entire area of “Junk trailers” as soon as the gates are open, around eight o’clock in the morning. As fans anxiously wait for the race to start, the drivers get more and more excited with every minute that passes.

The time has finally come; it is time to get in the starting lineup. Drivers get more and more aggressive and the tension is getting really strong now. Everyone is hoping and praying that they make it to the top ten, ally wanting that first place position. Engines are rewiring, tires are spinning, fans are all cheering for their favorite drivers, and this is what Mascara is all about. As the green flag is given, drivers begin to accelerate their speed, trying to get past the drivers beside and in front of them to that first place position.

Once the drivers get to full speed and continue trying to pass one another, this is where it begins to getting intense for everyone. A wreck or a caution flag could be called at any moment. When this occurs, the action slows down to what one would consider regular speed (sixty- even miles per hour) for a few laps. After the track is cleaned up, the green flag is waved again. Other flags that could stop or change the course of the race are the red flag and the black flag.

The red flag is waved when a wreck is so dangerous that is causes the entire track to be cleaned and given maintenance. The black flag is waved to an individual driver or drivers who have committed a serious rules infraction, in which he or she re-enters the race in last place. Near the end of the race, the white flag is waved to show the leader that there is only one lap remaining in the race. After the deader crosses the line on the last lap, the checkered flag is waved signaling the end of the race.

However, if a caution occurs before the checkered flag is waved and after the white flag is waved, this triggers a green-white-checkered situation, in which the green flag is waved, then the white flag, and then the checkered flag. If a caution happens during this, then the sequence starts over and the drivers can complete the three laps without a caution occurring. However, if this is tried three times and a caution happens every time, then the race instantly ends, and however is in the lead t the time of the last caution is declared the winner, whether he or she has crossed the finish line or not.

When the winner is declared, he or she gets a chance to celebrate. A typical Mascara winning celebration consists of a driver burning out his or her tires, driving the other way around the track (which is most of the time driving around in right turns since most races are four left turns around the track), and driving in circles in one spot (also called “cutting doughnuts”) until the engine in the stock car blows or he or she runs out of gas. After this, the driver goes to victory lane where he or she test to celebrate in a big way.

The standard Mascara victory lane celebration starts with the driver climbing out of his or her car, yelling and screaming in victory, and drinking a nice cold beverage (these stock cars are extremely hot and only get hotter the longer they are on and running). After this, the winning driver celebrates with his or her family and may give an interview or two to a television representative about winning the race. When all the celebrating is over, it is time to start planning for the next race, and the Mascara “work week” starts all over again, but never goes exactly the same as the previous ones.


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