Our school project is a vegetable garden. Marries b. Marries’ c. Emirate’s d. Mantel’s garden is a window garden. A. 15. The people always their community clean. A. Keep b. Keeps c. Kept d. Will keep 16. The street cleaner b. Sweeps a. Sweep the street everyday. C. Swept d. Will sweep 17. Thousands of years ago, some people in caves. A. Live c. Lived d. Will lived 18. Our ancestors wild animals for their food. A. Hunt b. Hunts c. Hunted d. Will hunt 19. Father said if I study hard I a. Succeed b. Succeeds c. Succeeded d. Will succeeded 20. When I grow up, I c. Will c. Am going a successful professional. A. Am Prepared by:

He got an ice cream from his mom. The underlined word in the above sentence is a A. Verb b. Noun c. Article d. Pronounce 9. Select the sentence that is correctly punctuated a. Who is the President of France c. Who is the Prime Minister of Canada? B. North America is a continent is the prefix in “unwanted”? A. Want b. UN c. De d. President is the leader of a country? 10. What d. Unwanted 11. Identify the subject in the following sentence. Nook Evolves won a medal in the Olympics. A. Nook Evolves b. Nook Evolves won c. Won a medal in the Olympics c. Olympics 12. What is the adjective word used in the following sentence?

Elaine Logan was n excellent swimmer. A. Elaine b. Was c. Excellent d. Swimmer 13. Select the correct homophone for the following sentence. The Eiffel Tower is made of a. Steel b. Still c. Style d. Steal 14. Select the word with correct suffix (ere) for the following sentence. Jims Joke was than my Joke. A. Funnier b. Funnymen c. Funnier d. Funnier pronunciation of a word. A. In an atlas b. In a dictionary c. In an encyclopedia d. In a newspaper 16. Select the sentence that has correct use of the plural noun. A. Two woman were carrying six boxes c. Two women were carrying six box. B. Two women were carrying six boxes. Two woman were carrying six boxes. 17. What is the synonym of the word “exact”? A. Different b. Correct c. Almost d. Precise 18. What is the antonym of the word “lucky’? A. Unfriendly b. Unfortunate c. Sad d. Unbelievable 19. What is the pronoun word used in the following sentence? Tom and Fred are good friends. They both go to same school. A. Tom and Fred b. They c. Both d. School 20. Select the correct verb to complete the sentence. C. Do d. Has a. Was 1 . If you arranged these numbers from least to greatest, which number would be last? 1,012 a. 1,012 1,022 1,002 1,021 b. 1,021 c. 1,022 d. 1,002 .

Which of these numbers would come before 157 on a number line? A. 159 b. 147 c. 165 d. 158 3. Which of these numbers is nine hundred sixty-four? A. 9,604 b. 946 c. 9,6440 d. 964 4. Which group of numbers has three odd numbers? A. 8, 12, 15, c. 2, 5, 8, 14, d. 5. Which of these closest value to 190? A. 186 b. 192 c. 179 d. 199 6. How much of this figure is shaded? A. 3/4 b. 2/3 12 d. 3/10 8. What number completes both of the number sentences below? 21 – = 12 d. 13 = 17 9. What sign belongs in the block in the number sentence below? II- 1 = 7 2 10. What should replace the in the number sentence below? + = 20 d. 100 c. 20 1 1 . Which number, if placed in both boxes will make the number sentence below true? 8+ + +30 b. 11 c. 22 d. 38 12. Athletic shoes normally cost Ph 50. The price was reduced by Ph 10. What is the new price of the shoes? A. Ph 50+ Ph c. Ph sox Ph 10- b. Ph 50- Ph 10 d. Ph Ph 10 13. A researcher studied 17 frogs. Eight of them were leopard frogs. How many of them were not leopard frogs? A. 8 d. Not Here c. 25 14. The tip from Homelike to Lincoln usually takes 25 minutes by car. While making the trip, a driver spent 12 minutes getting gas and 5 minutes waiting for a road crew.

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How long did it take the driver to make the trip? A. 32 minutes b. 37 minutes c. 48 minutes d. 42 minutes 15. XX a. 880 b. 800 c. 840 d. None of these 2,466 b. 2,460 c. 2465 d. 36,000 d. None of these None of these 19. 311 x 2- b. 100 Odd. None tot these a. 45,Bibb. 4,500 c. 18. 9,000 x 5 = of these 20. 100+10- a. 10 b. 522 a. 722 d. None of these c. 622 d. None 1 . How do you define the speed of an object? A. Distance covered in a specific space c. Weight gained in a specific time b. Distance covered in a specific time d. Temperature rise in specific color an object is in motion, it will change it a. Shape . Size d. Weight c. Position 3. Which object will required most energy to move it from its position? A. Bus 2. If b. Car c. Bike d. Skate 4. Which gas is essential for animal breathing? A. Carbon dioxide b. Nitrogen c. Oxygen d. Argon 5. What do insects eat in the food chain? A. Other animals b. Meat c. Only water d. Plants 6. Earth on its axis and around the Sun. A. Rotates, revolves b. Rotates, moves c. Fly, revolves d. Revolves, rotates 7. Which planet has visible rings around it? A. Jupiter b. Saturn c. Earth d. Uranus 8. What is the effect of earth’s revolution around the Sun? A. It produces storms on he earth c.

It produces seasons on the earth. B. It produces day and night on the earth d. It increases the temperature of the sun. 9. Which one is NOT a correct form of water? A. Ice b. Steam c. Water d. Smoke 10. When heated, a solid phase will turn into c. Liquid d. Crystal phase. A. Power b. Gas 1 Green plants make their own t using the energy tort the – a. Air sun c. Water d. Soil 12. The leaves off plant – a. Make food and oxygen c. Make fruits and seeds b. Hold the plant in the ground d. Hold up the flowers 13. Perfume is sprayed in the air. You can smell it but not see it because – a. Perfume is a liquid . Our nose is more sensitive c. It is very expense d. The droplets are too small to see 14. Which of these can move a nail lying on a table without touching the nail? A. A magnet c. A ruler d. A string A wire 15. If a wooded area is cleared and corn is planted, what will MOST likely happen? A. Weather patterns c. The air will become polluted. B. Underground streams will get polluted d. Animal habitats will be destroyed. 16. When a tadpole grows, its gills change into lungs. What does it now need to survive? A. Air b. Water c. Soil d. Fins 17. A sand dune is shown. Which of these causes sand dunes to form? Temperatures rising b. Plants growing c. Winds blowing d. Animals digging 18. Which of the following is one nonliving part in the habitat off bluebird? A. Plants they use for nests b. Insects they eat c. Air they breathe d. Hawks that eat them 19. Which of these is NOT a part of soil? A. Plastic b. Clay d. Bits of rock c. Humus 20. Which of these is the BEST sign that the fall season has begun? A. Grass being wet in the morning c. Plants forming new buds b. Leaves changing color on trees d. Sun shining on flowers 1 . Nag baking puling snaky ay Roomer an unplanned Nina as raffle


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