1. 2 – Explain why reflecting on work activities is an of import manner to develop ain cognition and accomplishments Reflecting on work activities in an of import manner to develop cognition. accomplishments and pattern it enables us to make our ends. achieve a better apprehension of ourselves. self-awareness. strengths and failings. To be able to reflect on how persons are making and to reassign cognition to our pattern. The things that I know or what I don’t cognize. how to accomplish some ends. accomplishments and where I need to better. 1. 3 – Describe ways to guarantee that personal attitudes and beliefs do non blockade the quality of work To be able to guarantee that personal attitudes and beliefs do non blockade the quality of work you must non allow your ain personal feelings get in the manner of making your occupation right. handle everybody as an equal and work to back up the occupants demands. have a positive attitude towards all of the occupants we take attention of. guarantee we follow all policies and processs of our work puting without doing any outlook. Besides to esteem the rights of each of the occupants and do non let bias in the work scene and give everybody the same chances. regardless of our sentiment. Outcome 2 – Understand how learning activities can develop cognition. accomplishments and understanding

2. 1 – Describe how a acquisition activity has improved ain cognition. accomplishments and understanding Learning activities can better an individual’s cognition. accomplishment and apprehension by supplying us with new thoughts. such as something we may hold ne’er encountered before. Learning activities besides give the single new countries of larning. such as topics and subjects that you may hold non antecedently covered. And classs on things that make the occupation easier. or even lawfully required classs that produce great new countries of larning that allow us to execute our occupation function. such as manual handling or medicine preparation. It besides enables us to use theories or thoughts into pattern and discover if they are successful in making what we intend them to. which in bend is great in developing our ego assurance. Assurance is frequently the key in doing paces with a hard person or even with self betterment. and with being confident it allows us to larn at an easier gait. which besides develops our accomplishments into more touchable tools that we understand.

2. 2 – Describe how reflecting on a state of affairs has improved ain cognition. accomplishments and understanding Reflecting on a state of affairs can better an person greatly by supplying personal penetration on a topic. which leads to a better apprehension of a subject. we can reflect on how good we performed and in what ways our public presentation could be improved. By reflecting we can analyze how effectual our pattern is by believing about people’s reactions to us. About how there may hold been other results. and how to make those results. extinguishing the bad waies and foregrounding the more positive decisions. in hope of making them the following clip we face the same state of affairs.

2. 3 Describe how feedback from others has developed ain cognition. accomplishments and understanding Having feedback from others and being willing to listen to that feedback. every bit good as usage it to your advantage is a immense portion of ego betterment. and plays a monolithic function in developing our cognition. accomplishments and apprehension of certain things. Such as the manner you speak to person. as you’re speaking and jesting you might believe that the topics you breach are absolutely acceptable. but the service user you are pass oning with may non desire to demo they don’t want to speak about it either out of niceness or some other motor. but another member of staff may be able to acknowledge this. and discourse it with you while they give out feedback which lets you place the country for betterment.

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Feedback can increase job work outing capablenesss by leting you to take in a state of affairs from another’s position. and nearing a old job in a manner that you have discovered by listening to others. they will state you their positions and how they might cover with a state of affairs in a more appropriate manner. Possibly in the signifier of advice or even merely a little more information on how a certain service user likes to be treated. Changing the manner to move around person can hold a monolithic impact on them. and sometimes feedback is the lone manner to place this. Outcome 3 – Know how a personal development program can lend to have acquisition and development

3. 1 – Define the term personal development program

Personal Development Plan’ is a term which describes an in agreement manner of entering information such as in agreement aims in respects to an person. proposals on how to run into those aims and the activities to follow. Including timescales for reappraisals amongst other things. and dates to measure the advancement of any of the above. though the term ‘personal development plan’ may non be used precisely 3. 2 – Identify who could be involved in the personal development program procedure There are many people who may be involved with certain service users personal development program. these include but are non limited to people such as

The person
Line director
Other professionals. ( nurses or physicians e. g. )

3. 3 – Identify beginnings of support for ain acquisition and development Support for ain acquisition and development exists in many topographic points both in the workplace and exterior of the workplace. Such as Formal support ( Government funded strategies and organisations )

A supervising
An assessment
Within the organisation

Outside of the organisation. ( people with experience and cognition that you can talk to that exist outside of your workplace. such as household and friends. ) 3. 4 – List the benefits of utilizing a personal development program to place on-going betterments in ain cognition and understanding The benefits to holding personal development programs in topographic point include: Concentrating on what an single wants to accomplish and how to accomplish it To develop greater ego consciousness of preparation demands

Increasing the apprehension of how to run into those demands
It provides grounds to demo how and what attack was taken in the effort to better your ain cognition and apprehension


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