Israel is a tramps Eden. The state is crisscrossed with trails, including the 580 – stat mi long Israel Trail, which starts in the northern portion of the Galilee and winds its manner south until it reaches the tip of Eilat. All of Israel ‘s trails are clearly marked by colourss painted on stones.

Some of the good hike trails are as follows,

Israel National Trail – a hiking way that crosses the full state of Israel. Its northern terminal is at Dan, near the international Syrian and Lebanese boundary lines in the far North of the state, and it expands to Eilat at the southernmost tip of Israel on the Red Sea, a length of about 940 kilometers. The trail takes approximately 30 to 70 yearss to complete if hiked continuously.

Jerusalem Trail – 40 kilometer trail, joins the Israel National Trail with Jerusalem and the country of the Old City.

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Jesus Trail – a 65 kilometer hike and pilgrim’s journey path in the Galilee part of Israel that finds paths Jesus may hold walked, linked with batch of sites from his life and ministry. The trail starts in Nazareth, and base on ballss by Sepphoris, Cana ( KafrKanna ) , the Horns of Hattin, Mount Arbel Cliffs, the ocean of Galilee, Capernaum, Tabgha, the Mount of Beatitudes, Tiberias, the Jordan River, Mountain Tabor, and Mount Precipice.

Golan Trail – a 125 kilometer path from the inclines of Mt. Hermon to the South of Golan Heights. It goes through batch of towns and colonies including Majdal Shams, Nimrod, Masade, Buq’ata, Odam, and EinZivan.

Valley of Springs Trail – a 120 kilometer path in and around the Jordan Valley, call offing in BeitShe’an and on Mount Gilboa near Kibbutz Meirav. The trail joins assorted springs and other historical and natural attractive forces.

National Parkss and nature militias

The national Parkss of Israel are declared historic sites or nature militias, which are largely operated and run by the National Nature and Parks Authority. As of 2005, every twelvemonth Israel maintains more than 150 nature militias that save 2,500 manners of autochthonal wild workss, and 70 species of mammals 20 species of fish, 400 species of birds.

Selected Parkss are situated at archeological sites such as Tel Megiddo, BeitShe’an, Ashkelon and Kursi. The remainder, for illustration the Alexander watercourse, Mount Carmel National Park or Hurshat Lake dressed ore on nature and the saving of local vegetations and zoologies. Numerous gardens and nature militias have bivouacing options, such as tent evidences and Villas, unfastened to little groups and single campers. Few of them are situated in the Israeli occupied Golan Heights and the West Bank.

In 2011, the most celebrated national Parkss were Yarkon National Park, EinGedi and Tel Dan in Israel.


By manner of over 200 museums, Israel has the highest figure of museums per capita in the universe, with 1000000s of tourers yearly.

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Tower of David Museum

Some of the major museums are as follows,

Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Israel ‘s national museum attracts 800,000 visitants a twelvemonth.

Tower of David Museum-History of Jerusalem

YadVashem, Israel ‘s Holocaust commemoration

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Diaspora Museum

Haifa Museum-Science and Technology

Medical touristry

Israel medical touristry is well-known with visitants from Africa, the Middle East and East of the Europe. Some Americans and Judaic West of the Europe like medical touristry in Israel. Israel is rated as the 28 best wellness attention system in the universe. Israel has a repute for quality health care installations with state-of-the-art installations. The doctors are certain preparation to manage complex interventions that may be non available in other states. General interventions include birthrate and IVF interventions oncology and malignant neoplastic disease interventions, neurosurgery and orthopaedic surgeries. These interventions are given to patients at a low monetary value.

Israel medical professionals have really large criterions. The infirmaries are ultra-modern, and the state is in the Centre of constructing a complete belowground infirmary to protect patients during clip of war or other natural catastrophe. The high specialist-to-patient ratio is merely one of the grounds why the Israeli medical system scored high in the study undertaken by the World Health Organization.

Medical tourers can take from 70 different general medical infirmaries and medical centres situated in Israel. Most medical installations in Israel are owned by either non-profit organisations or the authorities offices. Peoples going from other states can be guaranteed that medical professionals are trained with the highest criterions.

Dive touristry

Eilat is located in the Gulf of Aqaba, one of the most celebrated plunging finishs in the Earth. The coral reefs along Eilat ‘s seashore remain comparatively pristine and the country is recognized as one of the premier diving locations in the universe. About 250,000 honkytonks are performed annually off Eilat ‘s 11 km coastline, and diving shows 10 % of the touristry income of this country. In add-on, given the propinquity of tonss of these reefs to the sea beach, non-divers can meet the Red Sea ‘s reefs with comparative easiness.

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SCUBA diving

Water conditions for SCUBA frogmans are moderate all twelvemonth unit of ammunition, with H2O temperatures around 21-25 CA° , small or no currents and clear Waterss with an norm of 20 to 30 metres visibleness.

Restaurant civilization

As portion of its cordial reception industry, including eating houses and pubs hotels, one of the most vivacious eating house ambiance in the Mediterranean part has advanced in Israel since the 1990s, providing to both visitants and citizens. Professional preparation for Israeli main cooks, hotel proprietors, wine waiters and wine merchants is of best criterion, and top hotel chefs have international instruction and experience.

There are 1000s of hotels, insouciant restaurants, cafes and bars in Israel, offering assorted types of nutrient and culinary design. In add-on to Mid-Eastern fortes, there are eating houses offering a broad scope of cultural nutrient, including Italian, Gallic, Russian, Ethiopian, Balkan, Thai nutrient, Chinese, American and merger nutrient.

Topographic points to eat out that are typically Israeli include falafel bases or booths, which besides offer extra like Gallic french friess, salads of vegetable points and pickles with the felafel, and the hummusia, which expertises in humus, and offers merely a limited choice of supernumeraries. The MisadaMizrahit is non expensive eating house that serves a basic choice of meze salads followed by broiled meat with Gallic french friess and simple sweets, while Steakiyot are eating houses which offer a labyrinth of salads, accompanied by skewered broiled meats, particularly shashlik and kabobs.

Incoming touristry

In 2011, the figure of tourers in the universe ( about one billion harmonizing to UNWTO ) was 5 % more than in 2010. The main factors that led to the devlopment in universe touristry were a rise in the criterion of life and in hours of free clip, and a diminution in the costs of travel. The growing in touristry was accompanied by slow periods due to wars, panic onslaughts, economic crises, epidemics, and other grounds.

Tourist reachings 2000-2011

In Israel, as in the remainder of the universe, there has besides been a general increasing tendency in touristry which has been accompanied by slow periods. In the 1950s, the mean annual figure of tourer reachings numbered to 47,000. In 2000-2011, the mean entire figure of tourer reachings was 1.9 million. Since the constitution of the State of Israel, there have been around 62 million tourer reachings, and 84 % of those tourers arrived over the past three decennaries. Israel ‘s attraction as a centre of touristry can be attributed to the big figure of spiritual, natural, and cultural sites which are concentrated in a little country, every bit good as to the extended touristry substructure and temperate clime.

The most serious touristry crisis in Israel was at the bend of the twenty-first century. The outlook for rapid growing in incoming touristry to Israel in 2000 was upset by the eruption of the Second Intifada ( 2001-2003 ) . Afterwards, there was a steady betterment in rates of touristry – except during the 2nd half of 2006 ( as a consequence of the Second Lebanon War ) and at the initial phase of 2009 ( as a consequence of “ Operation Cast Lead ” ) . There were 2.8 million tourer entry in 2011, similar to the figure of visitants reachings in 2010.

Table A.- Visitor Arrivals, by Mode of Travel




Day visitants


All reachings




By air




By land




By sea



Percentage of alteration 2010/2011

All reachings




By air




By land




By sea



86 % of the tourers in 2011 arrived by air, and 14 % arrived by land boundary line cheque points. In add-on to tourers, twenty-four hours visitants arrive in the state – individuals who enter and exit the state the same twenty-four hours. In 2011, there were 238,000 reachings of twenty-four hours tourers by land ( a diminution or 41 % tallied with 2010, obviously due to the agitation in Egypt at the beginning of 2011 ) , 237,000 reachings by sea ( an addition of 41 % compared with 2010 ) , and 67,000 entry by air ( a diminution of 6 % compared with 2010 ) . The entire figure of twenty-four hours tourers to Israel in 2011 was 542,000 – 16 % less than in 2010.

Hebrews out of all tourers, by state of beginning, 2011

There are differences in the portion of Jews among tourers from assorted states of beginning. Out of all Gallic visitants in 2011, Jews constituted 67 % , whereas the portion of Jews out of German tourers was merely 3 % .

Features of visits

Ninety-two per centum of all tourers who arrived in Israel in 2011 stayed in the state less than one month. Their stay lasted an norm of 8.1 yearss ( 7.9 yearss in 2010 ) .

Duration of stay of visitants in Israel 2011

The part of tourers who visited Israel for spiritual grounds in 2011 was 28 % ( compared with 38 % in 2010 ) .

Tourists, by chief intent of visit 2010, 2011

With the recovery in touristry that followed the slack in 2001-2003, there has been a steady rise in the portion of tourers who arrived in Israel for the first clip ( 61 % in 2011 ) , every bit good as an rise in the portion of visitants geting on bundle trades and organized Tourss ( 62 % ) , and in the portion of tourers who arrived for diversion and for spiritual grounds ( 65 % ) . However, the portion of tourers who visited relations decreased.

Tourists, by features of visit 2000-2011

In 2011, Eighty per centum of all tourers visited Jerusalem, 66 % visited Tel Aviv-Yafo, 55 % visited the Dead Sea, 45 % visited Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee, 21 % visited Haifa, and 14 % visited Elat. Sixty per centum of all visitants visited the Western Wall, 48 % visited the Via Dolorosa, and 36 % visited Massada.

Tourists, by visits to selected tourer sites 2000-2011

Tourist demographics and economic part

Harmonizing to the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, in 2011 54 % of the 3.24 million visitants to Israel were Christian. Judaic tourers accounted for 39 % . Gross from touristry in 2011 totaled $ 3.3 billion. In 2011, touristry constituted 8.1 % of the state ‘s GDP. The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that existent GDP growing for touristry in Israel is expected to average 5.0 % per annum over the old ages 2011-2020. The portion of touristry to Gross Domestic Product is expected by WTTC to lift from 8.1 % in 2010 to lift by 4.2 % by 2022. The portion of the industry to employment is 223,000 occupations in 2011, 7.9 % of entire employment. The Israel Travel & A ; Tourism economic system is graded figure 51 in absolute size worldwide, of the 181 states estimated by the WTTC in 2011.

New run promotes internal touristry to Jerusalem

A new run titled “ Take two yearss for Jerusalem ” was launched late with the aim to promote Israelis to go to the capital. It will offer tempting holiday bundles and price reductions at cultural sites.

Launched with a budget of one million boodles, the run invites the general populace to take part in some of the metropolis ‘s top cultural events, such as the International Film Festival, the celebratory reopening of the Israel Museum, the International Arts and Crafts Festival, and the Puppet Theater Festival.

Spouses in the run are the Tourism Ministry, the Jerusalem municipality, the Prime Minister ‘s Office of the the Jerusalem Development Authority, and the Jerusalem Hotel group. As portion of the run, particular touristry bundles will be offered that include tickets to events, price reductions on stay in the best hotels in the metropolis, and decreased rate entry to sites and touristry centres.

For the first clip, all people remaining in the metropolis during the run ‘s events will be offered tickets to walking Tourss around the Old City and the West of the metropolis. Among the Tourss offered will be a circuit in the footfalls of the movies being shown during the movie festival, a circuit in the footfalls of David Grossman ‘s books, and more.

Capital of israel: An attractive dark topographic point

The run, which will run until the terminal of August, tends to expose the Israeli populace to the scope of recreational options in Jerusalem, to increase the figure of people remaining over in the metropolis and entrywaies to cultural sites, and to place Jerusalem as an attractive night life finish.

To this terminal, ads will be run on the wireless, in newspaper ads, the cyberspace. In add-on, a brochure detailing the events and price reductions offered during the run will be printed.

Two hebdomads ago, the Jerusalem Light Festival in the Old City came to a stopping point. The impressive festival, which included visible radiation shows, outdoor shows, and showcased the work of 70 out-standing creative persons from throughout the state, kicked off the metropolis ‘s summer events. Some 300,000 tourers from Israel and abroad attended the event.

Jerusalem Mayor NirBarkat noted, “ Jerusalem is in the thick of a revolution, and is taking its topographic point as the cultural capital of Israel. This twelvemonth, we are bring forthing two and a half clip as many cultural events than old ages prior. This is a direct consequence of the doubling of budgets while incorporating Jerusalem art in cultural events throughout the metropolis.

“ Together with the turning support for cultural centres in the metropolis and the highest concentration of art schools in the state, the metropolis ‘s occupants and tourers sing it at an increasing rate are basking more shows, more international festivals, more street parties, and more events in a alone Jerusalem ambiance. ”

Tourism- Facts and Numbers

The bulk of tourers arrive in Israel by air and usage tourer adjustment installations.

Israel had about 2.5 million inbound tourers in January-September 2011. The expected figure for the whole twelvemonth is 3.35 million.

Approximately 41 % of incoming tourers in the first half of 2011 came on organized Tourss.

In January-September 2011, 16.2 million nightlong corsets were recorded in hotels. By the terminal of the twelvemonth about 21.8 million are expected to be recorded.

Room tenancy in hotels in the first nine months of 2011 stood at an norm of 65 % . Average 2011 one-year tenancy is estimated at approximately 66 % .

Annual gross per hotel room averaged about $ 45,000 in 2009.

Hotel workers ‘ rewards average about $ 1,600 per month.

Harmonizing to the Ministry of Tourism ‘s 2010 tourer study, foreign tourers graded general satisfaction with their visit to Israel at 4.2 on a graduated table of 5.

Government Policy on Tourism Investment

Hotel Rooms – Target Numbers

Among the marks set by the Ministry of Tourism for the coming old ages is the reaching of 5 million tourers per twelvemonth beginning in 2015. This mark, juxtaposed against the bing supply of hotel suites, translates into a demand for 19,000 excess hotel suites ( to make a sum of 65,000 suites ) by 2015.

Required hotel adjustment in the coming old ages ( mark twelvemonth 2015 ) – a sum of 19,000 excess suites:

9,500 suites in Jerusalem and its environments ( all room degrees )

4,000 suites around the Sea of Galilee ( Lake Kinneret ) and in the Galilee part ( largely lower and in-between degrees )

3,800 suites in Tel Aviv and the milieus ( largely middle and higher degrees )

1,700 suites in the Mediterranean Sea seashore towns ( largely middle and higher degrees )

In order to make these mark Numberss, the Ministry of Tourism is actively advancing the constitution of extra adjustment installations.


Comparison of Israel and India in footings of Tourism

Tourism in Israel is one of Israel ‘s major beginnings of income. In 2011, 3.24 million tourers visited Israel. Israel offers a overplus of historical and spiritual topographic points, beach resorts, archeological touristry, heritage touristry and eco-tourism. Israel has the largest figure of museums per capita in the world.Based on informations released by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, the 1st one-fourth of 2012 registered an all-time record high for incoming touristry to Israel.

The touristry industry in India is significant and vivacious, and the state is rapidly going a major finish on Earth. India ‘s travel and touristry industry is one of them most profitable industries in the state, and besides credited with lending a note-worthy sum of foreign exchange. In India, 6.29 million tourers arrived in 2011.According to World Travel and Tourism Council, India will be a touristry hot-spot from 2013 to 2018.

Most visited metropoliss by tourers


Based on informations released by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics in 2011, most visited metropoliss by tourers are as follows,

Capital of israel: The capital of Israel and is one of the oldest metropoliss in the universe, and a World Heritage site.

Tel Aviv: Israel ‘s 2nd -largest metropolis and a cosmopolite, cultural and fiscal planetary metropolis.

Safed: The highest metropolis in the Galilee and of Israel. Since the 16th century, Safed has been considered one of Judaism ‘s Four Holy Cities.

Acre ( Akko ) : One of the oldest continuously inhabited sites in the state and historically, was regarded as a strategic coastal nexus to the Levant.

Hefa: The largest metropolis in North of Israel, and the third-largest metropolis in the state. Haifa has a ] combined population of Jews and Arabs.

Tiberias: Harmonizing to Christian tradition, Jesus performed several miracles in the Tiberias territory, doing it an of import pilgrim’s journey site for devout Christians.

Nazareth: It is population is preponderantly made up of Arab citizens of Israel. In the New Testament, the metropolis is described as the childhood place of Jesus.

BeitShe’an: BeitShe’an was a Roman Decapolis metropolis. One of the greatest archeological sites in the Middle East.

Eilat: A busy port every bit good as a celebrated resort, located at the northern tip of the Red Sea, on the Gulf of Eilat.Arid desert of Eilat clime is moderated by propinquity to a warm sea.

Caesarea: The old metropolis includes Roman and Crusader remains, such as the amphitheater ( where concerts are often held ) , every bit good as the port from where St. Paul was taken as a captive to Rome.


Harmonizing to Ministry of Tourism India most visited metropoliss by tourers are as follows,

Agra: Home to the TajMahal ; Agra is the most visited metropolis in India.Agra ‘s TajMahal is one of the most celebrated edifices in the universe.

Jaipur: Jaipur is besides popularly known as the Pink City, is the capital of the Indian province of Rajasthan.Some of the universe ‘s best hotels are located here.

Udaipur: it is besides celebrated metropolis of Rajasthan which is known for castles built in different epochs on the bank of Lake Pichola.

Goa: Goa is Famous for its pristine beaches ; infact 90 % of all the touristry in Goa happens merely for its beautiful beaches in Coastal Areas.

Cashmeres: Kashmir was one time called “ Heaven ” on Earth, and one time of the most beautiful topographic points in the universe.

Kanyakumari: Kanyakumari is particularly celebrated in India for its dramatic and alone dawn and sundown.

Kerala: Kerala is particularly known for its ecotourism enterprises, Beautiful Backwaters and Alternative healing massages.

Delhi: Delhi, Capital of India has many attractive forces like mosques, garrisons and other memorials that represent India ‘s history.

Darjeeling: Darjeeling in India owes ‘ its grandness to its natural beauty and its clean fresh mountain air.

Mysore: Mysore is a touristry hot topographic point within the province of Karnataka and besides acts as a base for other tourer topographic points in the locality of the city.Ambavilas Palace is one of the most visited memorials in India.

Contribution of touristry to GDP

The touristry industry in Israel contributed about 8.1 % of GDP in 2011, and is expected to lift by 1.8 % in 2012.This industry straight contributed 130,000 occupations to entire employment in 2011. Through direct and indirect industries, the touristry economic system will lend 271,000 occupations of entire employment in 2012. These figures indicate that the touristry industry in Israel is booming and will progressively go a of import portion of the Israeli economic system and a beginning of gross.

The entire portion of Tourism to GDP was 6.4 % of GDP in 2011, and is forecast to lift by 7.3 % in 2012. Supporting 39 million direct and indirect occupations in India, Travel & A ; Tourism industry generates more occupations than the excavation industry and communications services.

Future of touristry

With the addition in tourers, the WTTC predicts that through 2022 Israel ‘s touristry industry will see economic growing, and is forecast to lift by 4.2 % of GDP in 2022.

Harmonizing to World travel and touristry Council, India will certainly be one of the favourite tourer finishs by 2022, and is expected to lift by 7.8 % of GDP in 2022.

Medical touristry

Medical touristry in Israel is a subset of the medical touristry industry in which patients travel to other states to hold processs performed at a lower cost. Israel is coming up as a celebrated finish for medical tourers. In 2011, 19,000 aliens travelled to the state for medical processs, conveying in 50 million US dollar of gross and it is forecast to see an one-year growing rate of 34 % , doing it a 1 billion US dollar industry by 2018.Medical tourers come to Israel because surgery and in-vitro fertilisation interventions cost well less than in their place states. Israel is the universe leader in this process. Some seek alleviation for a figure of medical conditions at intervention centres and watering place at the Dead Sea, a world-popular curative resort. Israel ‘s installations are known around the universe, with regular contacts maintained on a mutual footing with major medical and scientific research centres out of India. Another factor in taking Israel is the comfy clime and scenic locations which have a calming consequence on patients.

Medical touristry is a turning sector in India. In 2011, 130,000 aliens came to the state for medical processs, conveying in 1 billion US dollar of gross and is expected to see an one-year growing rate of 30 % , doing it a $ 2 billion industry by 2018. Benefits for medical tourers in India include curtailed costs, the handiness of latest medical engineerings and a turning conformity on international quality criterions, every bit good as the affair of fact that aliens are less likely to confront a linguistic communication restriction in India. The Indian authorities is taking stairss to turn to substructure issues that hinder the state ‘s growing in medical touristry.

Patients come to Israel for processs such as bone marrow grafts, bosom operation and catheterisation, oncological and neurological interventions, auto accident rehabilitation etc. Israel has become a premier finish for occupants of Cyprus in demand of bone marrow grafts because the process is unavailable in their place state. Psoriasis patients visit Israel for interventions at the Dead Sea.

Most estimations claim intervention costs in India start at around a ten percent of the monetary value of comparable intervention in America or Britain. The most celebrated interventions sought in India by medical tourers are optional medical specialty, bone-marrow graft, cardiac beltway, oculus operation and hip replacing. India is well-known in peculiar for bosom operation, hip resurfacing and other countries of advanced medical specialty.

Tourist reaching

In 2011, 3.24 million tourers visited Israel. Jerusalem is of the most visited metropolis by the tourers. 77 % of the tourers visited Jerusalem, 56 % visited Tel Aviv, 51 % visited the Dead Sea, 35 % visited Tiberias, and 33 % visited Nazareth in 2011.

In India, 6.29 million tourers visited in 2011. Agra is most visited metropolis by the tourers in India. 75 % of the tourers visited Agra, 65 % visited Jaipur and Udaipur, 58 % visited the Goa, 35 % visited Kashmir, and 30 % visited Kerala in 2011.


In order to guarantee that the touristry industry of Israel will go on to enlarge into a celebrated tourer finish for different types of visitants, the authorities, public and private sector demand to work in cooperation and develop programs that will actuate possible visitants to come to Israel. The development of direction plans and runs related to touristry are best methods of increasing touristry in Israel.

For many old ages little sum of money was invested into the growing of the Israeli touristry industry because of its susceptibleness to the effects of regular differences. Therefore, Israel was viewed by visitants as an insecure finish in malice of the diverseness of tourer attractive forces every bit good as the spiritual and cultural value the state holds. Fortunately, the authorities and the private sector are now cognizant about crisis consequence and how to manage it. Current attempts are demoing to be effectual at switching Israel ‘s image globally and it helps in pulling more travellers to Israel.

Cultural touristry is one of the major and fastest-growing touristry markets in Israel. Culture and originative industries are increasingly being used to promote finishs and better their attraction every bit good as fight. Many sites in Israel are now dynamically developing touchable and intangible cultural assets for developing comparative advantages in touristry market place, and to bring forth local peculiarity in globalisation.

The Effect of Culture on Tourism observes the increasing relationship between civilization and touristry, and they have together become chief drivers of finish fight and attraction. Based on recent research, it illustrates the different facets of the relationship between touristry, regional and civilization attraction, and the policy intercessions that can be taken to better the relationship.

The touristry in Israelis still developing and much can be done to heighten the industry and increase international visitants. All of the attempts are an on-going process for future growing and authorities every bit good as the private sector continues to understand touristry as a major subscriber to the economic system of Israel and a beginning of pride for the Israeli individuals, the touristry industry will turn.


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