Natural Catastrophes have been explained in multiple ways ; whether it is the fantastical spiritual ways or in the squinty scientific discipline manner. everyone has their ain belief on why things such as natural catastrophes happen- things such as ; temblors ; inundations ; fires ; twisters ; vents ; tsunamis- the list goes on and on. All of these things bring devastation and pandemonium to guiltless people and their places ; destructing lively communities. These natural catastrophes bring people together to seeking to draw together their society ; doing the people realize that they still need one another and are dependent on household and friends. All though most of these natural catastrophes we can see coming. others work stoppage within an instant with no warning ; killing guiltless people and destructing places. One illustration of these awful natural catastrophe is ; the tsunami that hit Sumatra. Indonesia on December 26. 2004.

The tsunami of Sumatra. Indonesia was a great 1. The tsunami was awful and the temblor that started it all was awful in its great might. being one of the strongest temblors of all time recorded. The temblor that caused the tsunami in Sumatra was at a magnitude of 9. 3. Originally thought to be 9. 0 but farther surveies from. Northwestern University in Evanston. Illinois. concluded that the temblor was much larger than originally thought. The temblor occurred at a deepness of 30 kilometres. The mistake line that this temblor took topographic point at was. 13 hundred kilometres long. The abnormally big country of infinite that this temblor took topographic point. it displaced the Earth a figure of metres.

The epicentre of the temblor was located under the Indian Ocean near the west seashore of the Indonesian Island of Sumatra ; the great motion of the tectonic home bases displaced monolithic sums of H2O. directing it in all waies and doing the resulting tsunami afterwards.

The home bases that caused this monolithic break was the India Plate and the Burma Plate. The India home base slide underneath the Burma Plate ; this rupture displaced the ocean floor by about 10 metres horizontally and several metres vertically. All of this tectonic motion contributed to another unsuspected and awful natural catastrophe ; a tsunami.

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After the temblor did its harm so did the gigantic moving ridges that hit 1000s of hopeless towns. These mammoth moving ridges so crashed into the unsuspicious towns and people. The moving ridges hit over 11 Indian states and parts of Africa and Thailand.

Harmonizing to human memory. tsunamis have been rare in the Indian Ocean. Most are documented near or around the Pacific.
Tsunami can be so unsafe because out in the center of the ocean they can demo every bit small as a pes of wave supplanting ; which explains why crewmans and leghorns don’t notice them sooner. Soon this powerful energy travels quickly through the ocean ; 100s of stat mis per hr. Once this energy hits shallow H2O it is slowed down. doing the top of the H2O to travel faster than the underside of the H2O ; ensuing in monolithic unsafe moving ridges.

This tsunami caused waves up to fifty pess tall in some topographic points. go oning inland for about a 1000 pess. In several topographic points the tsunami gave some warning ; the H2O degrees of the ocean receded greatly. This astonied people. demoing parts of the sea floor that have ne’er been seen before ; ensuing in images and funny tourers and locals.

The few people that did recognize what the fadeout H2O meant rapidly got their households to high land and did everything they could to maintain safe from the up and coming tsunami.


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