Girl Scouts of Central Illinois (CLC)dedicated a nature classroom and held a CLC bridging and awards ceremony today, Sunday, May, r from r:o to z: app. M. At the Spring Valley Trails and Arboretum on the John Wood Community College Ounce Campus at 1301 South 48th Street in Ounce.

The CSCW Spring Valley Trails Nature Classroom was built by Girl Scouts of Central Illinois Troop err and is located within two miles of trails in the 63 acre arboretum. The classroom encourages young children, ages z-8, to connect with nature through hands-on interactive play. Features include a stage and metamorphose, outdoor game table, nature art table, messy woods area, perennial nature beds, animal track hopscotch and a solar powered stream table. The area is handicapped accessible and free to the public. The dedication ceremony will feature guest speaker Dry. Tom Clinical, president of

CSCW. Guests are to providetheirownlawnchairs. Limitedseatingwillbeavailable. Thiseventwillbeheldrainorshine and refreshments will be available after the ceremony. Troop 51 59 completed the nature classroom project in an effort to receive the Girl Scout Gold Award. The Gold Award is the highest award that a crosscut between the ages of re and rd may earn. The troop earned a Green Works Heroes grant from the Colors Company to partially fund the project. For more information on how to reserve a field trip to the classroom, please call CSCW at oz. 64:.. Ezra. -releases #: tag


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