My hypothesis is focused on the negative impact of technological progresss and how engineering has changed mankind’s positions today. In this survey. we look at assorted subjects about things we interact with about every twenty-four hours of our lives. I believe that world has formed an unhealthy fond regard to the assorted signifiers of engineering environing them and has encouraged the spread of a mercenary life style and attitude that sees ingestion as the lone way of prosperity. My undertaking is aimed at turn outing how engineering is non as good to mankind as we all think it is. It has more negative effects to us than positive. Geting started. I focused on the things that surround me. so I realized if everyone was a victim or break one’s back to engineering so even I was no different. I like the feeling of holding something new. merely every bit much as the following cat. but is it truly good for me?

While maintaining the stating “everything comes at a price” at the dorsum of my head. I so began my research concentrating on articles and statements that took topographic point between specializers seeking to break my cognition about impact of engineering. but what truly inspired me to compose this research paper based on the negative impact of engineering was my observation of a friend called chow and his dependence to engineering. He truly takes pleasance and joy from engineering. non a minute passes that he is non utilizing a device or thought of purchasing a device which may look to be a common tendency for our coevals today. I hope that at the terminal of this undertaking I will edify you about some dangers of engineering that we are confronting or will confront in the close hereafter like environmental and wellness concerns every bit good as its consequence on assorted subjects like rearing. instruction. faith and so on.


Technology is defined as” the practical application of cognition so that something wholly new can be done. or so that something can be done in a wholly new way” ( what is engineering. 2009 ) . Most people confuse engineering with innovations but this is non the instance. Technology is created or generated from the solutions provided by innovations. Assorted Fieldss of scientific discipline every bit good as commercialism and industry have benefited from engineering over several centuries of human history ( Definition of engineering. 2012 ) . STONE AGE

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The earliest known usage of engineering goes back to the Stone Age. “The development of simple tools from wood or sherds of stone show some of the first applications of cognition to make engineering to work out a problem” ( Definition of engineering. 2012 ) . The earliest signifier of worlds and the first animal to make rock tools were the Homo habilis. These tools allowed them to interrupt the nexus with nature and to get down a procedure which has affected all life on the planet. As their tools advanced so did they into the Homo erectus which experienced the find of fire. The find of fire day of the months back to about 600. 000 old ages and affected our physical development. with softer nutrient we grew smaller dentition which gave room for larger encephalons enabling address and all of a sudden nutrient and shelter were easier to get leting larger and healthier populations ( Ornstein R & A ; Burke J. 1997 ) . An illustration of the Stone Age is shown below:

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. telegraph. co. uk/science/science-news/4837592/Stone-Age-phrasebook-developed-by-scientists-studying-oldest-words. hypertext markup language

As worlds continued to germinate. the sum of cognition increased and history entered the Bronze Age. The Bronze Age shows how adult male evolved from utilizing simple tools made from wood and rock to developing a manner to work with metal. in order to do stronger and more lasting tools. The wheel was discovered within this period and has since allowed people greater ability to go and pass on with each other ( Definition of engineering. 2012 ) . Illustrations of what modern scientist think the Bronze Age looked like is shown below:

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. wessexarch. co. uk/node/549

During the Fe age humanity had taken a great leap forward. “advances continued quickly and people developed the ability to work with difficult metals and developed the art of smelting Fe and recovering it from ore found in the earth” ( Definition of engineering. 2012 ) . The Iron Age made manner for several subdivisions of engineering. Greater tools were developed for the benefit of civilisation including arms that help protect us and engineering that helped simplify our undertakings and do life easier for us. Progresss such as transit and fabrication all are development that took topographic point during the Iron Age ( Definition of engineering. 2012 ) . Illustrations of the early Iron Age are displayed below:

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. kidspast. com/world-history/0024C-precious-metals-continued. php “As each age builds on the developments of the old 1s. new cognition is obtained along the manner. this new set of cognition and the cognition base of the past allow for new applications to the demands of society” ( Definition of engineering. 2012 ) . The history of engineering indicates that as engineering becomes more progress so do worlds and there manner of believing. Technology has played a major function in our development today and is an of import portion of most of our lives.

Technology as stated above is an of import portion of most our lives and a batch of people can non conceive of what their life will be like without the cyberspace. and electronic devices such as computing machines. cell phones. telecastings etc. Harmonizing to the responses gotten from my questionnaire. 11 out of 15 people agree that they use electronic devices 4 hours a twenty-four hours lower limit. which is about 75 per centum of the people asked. Technology is turning at a really fast rate and things that we thought were non possible a few old ages ago are now going a world. which shows that engineering holds eternal promise and could travel even past what we expect. Most people will praise engineering for its legion accomplishments and promotions that they benefit from about every twenty-four hours of their lives. However. what they fail to recognize is that it has affected and continues to impact society and people in general in a negative manner. IMPACT ON PARENTING AND CHILDREN

Technology is invariably turning and with every coevals comes with it. new technological progresss and development. “Technology has had many effects on kids. some effects are good. others non so good. In either instance society has to accommodate to the fact engineering is traveling to go on to turn and be a basic in a child’s life. Innovation is non traveling to travel away anytime shortly. if anything engineering will go a larger influence in their lives” ( Goessi L. 2007 ) . Many kids today are addicted to the usage of electronic devices such as cell phones. computing machine. video games. etc. and harmonizing to the responses gotten from my questionnaire 10 out of 15 people agree that engineering has affected rearing negatively.

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //blog. travelpod. com/travel-photo/dhjv62a/1/1248702970/children-playing-with-water. jpg/tpod. hypertext markup language In the yesteryear. kids spend their clip out-of-doorss doing friends. playing and running about the vicinity expression for the ice pick adult male. Children didn’t have video games to replace games like bulls and robbers that were played out-of-doorss. Back so life was more unworried and kids did non hold electronic points or devices like cell phones to them busy. Parent could afford to allow their kids go out-of-doorss in hunt of escapade without worrying overly like we do now a yearss. The growing of the media thanks to engineering has made parents paranoid by invariably reminding them about the negatives in society. Parents today. promote the usage of engineering as a replacement to their kids traveling out doors. burying the assorted effects engineering can hold on kids such as advancing fast nutrient and indolence which could take to childhood fleshiness. doing them addicted to games and the cyberspace every bit good as forestalling face to confront interaction doing them unable to show themselves ( Goessi L. 2007 ) .

Technological progresss in the field of medical specialty and wellness services are possibly the most critical in our society today ( Buttepatil P. R. 2012 ) . ” This field deals with the care. prolongment and Restoration of human wellness through the survey. diagnosing. intervention and bar of disease and injury” ( Buttepatil P. R. 2012 ) . Technology has provided us with legion ways to pull off and handle diseases. for illustration X raies aid in the intervention of broken or fractured castanetss. Pacesetters and unreal Black Marias aid protract the life of people with damaged Black Marias and tools like mammograms help physicians to happen malignant neoplastic diseases before it becomes life endangering ( Why is engineering of import. 2012 ) . Although engineering has provided us with legion ways to handle illness and prolong life. electronic devices such as cell phones. computing machines. telecasting sets etc. have raised some wellness concerns.

For case many scientists believe that we are allergic to the electromagnetic moving ridges that are produced by the Wi-Fi and phone signals which surround us and this could take to malignant neoplastic disease ( Health jobs caused by engineering. 2011 ) . Scientist besides believe that usage of electronic devices can cut down a adult male sperm count “Using a nomadic phone for more than four hours a twenty-four hours can increase the hazard of sperm harm due to electromagnetic radiation. ” says Dr Ashok Agarawal. of the Cleveland Clinic of the U. S. ( Deafness Caused By Loud Noise. Health Problems From Technology. Injuries Caused By Technology. 2010 ) . Other wellness concerns include internet dependence. hearing loss caused by loud noise from electronic devices. back and leg jobs from utilizing computing machines. sperm count jobs. people declining to interact with each other and much more ( Deafness Caused By Loud Noise. Health Problems From Technology. Injuries Caused By Technology. 2010 ) . TECHNOLOGY IN BUSINESSES

Technology has had a monolithic impact on the concern universe. Technological has changed the manner concern is done all over the universe. Technological progresss like the cyberspace allows people to pass on and keep meetings from different geographical locations all over the universe. Ecommerce enables people to do purchases from about anyplace and allows concerns to salvage cost on stock list. People making concern can interchange information really easy which makes concern procedures faster and more efficient. The manner concern is done presents is genuinely nil like it was before engineering took over and aggregate industrialisation took away. Although engineering has help better the manner people do concern and spread out their markets. it has besides had some negative impacts on concerns.

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. smartplanet. com/blog/business-brains/us-high-tech-manufacturing-base-erosion-breaks-8216chain-of-experience/8309.

The newspaper industry. for case has suffered greatly because of recent technological progresss like the cell phones nowadays that contain so many characteristics that it practically renders intelligence documents useless which has made some newspaper companies shut down because they can’t compete and non adequate gross is coming in. other sectors that have been affected by engineering are the music and film industry. Companies that produce Cadmiums for music and do DVDs for films have practically been rendered disused because the cyberspace provides us with entree to all this stuff without holding to populate our place and with the big storage capacity of present twenty-four hours computing machines there is barely a demand for Cadmiums and DVDs ( Corkern. A. 2011 ) . Due to the technological progresss some companies have to fight in order to last. Most companies choose to upgrade and utilize the latest engineering in order to vie and this might take to people losing their occupations and unemployment increasing.

Technology has besides had great impacts on instruction. Every single learns otherwise and we all learn at different gaits depending on the topics. Technology has helped larning to go richer due to the handiness of big databases from the cyberspace and has provided ways for persons to larn from anyplace in the universe. Technological progresss like E-learning systems have given instructors employment and have enabled pupils from all over the universe to acquire a proper instruction without holding to travel. Through webcams and Internet connectivity. pupils connect with other pupils across the universe to larn about their linguistic communication. civilization. faith. and their day-to-day lives.

Harmonizing to the responses from my questionnaire. about 14 out of 15 people which is about 93 % of the people asked agreed that engineering is an effectual tool for pupils of all abilities and additions academic accomplishment when implemented reasonably. However. a batch of people besides agreed that bulk of their clip is spent on non academic activities and that engineering is dearly-won in footings of resources. clip and attempt. Technology has provided chances for many pupils who would non normally have such entree and this is to great advantage. However there are a few disadvantages that this poses.

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //teacherstraining. com. au/technology-in-school/ Devicess such as cell phones. computing machines and TVs act as distractions and make a strong barrier against instruction. Alternatively of heightening acquisition. school becomes an environment strictly for societal interaction. Technology has encouraged acquisition by doing a big sum of information available on the cyberspace. However. this has besides encouraged plagiarism. Students and Teachers likewise are driven to easy take information that they find on the cyberspace and utilize it without proper rating. referencing and ascription to the original writers or Godheads of these resources. This does non back up subject and the chief ground for larning which is to make original thoughts from fresh cognition or preexistent 1s through equal methods.

Teachers must be prepared to cover with these issues as they use engineering in their schoolrooms. E-learning systems have helped distribute instruction all over the universe. However. Students do non hold the chance to hold a physical interaction with one another. The pupils are in a practical universe where they are non able to sit down together. interact and learn from one another’s experiences. This poses a challenge in general as the ground for a campus is to drive individual to individual larning. cultural exchange and most significantly subject. Online larning takes off this of import portion of acquisition.


“Global heating is the remarkably rapid addition in Earth’s mean surface temperature over the past century chiefly due to the nursery gases released as people burn fossil fuels” ( Riebeek H. 2010 ) . The addition in the overall temperature of the Earth is called the nursery consequence which is necessary for the endurance of all life on our planet. Due to a larger addition of mean planetary temperatures these yearss people are get downing to indicate fingers at engineering for rushing up this procedure to a point that is insecure. seting the hereafter of world at hazard. Most people harmonizing to my questionnaire agreed to the part of engineering to planetary heating while other disagreed because they felt that it is a myth and doesn’t truly exist. However. many scientists have proven its being by detecting alteration in the environment like lifting of sea degrees. The image below shows the addition in average surface temperature after every twenty old ages:

There is a batch of argument on this subject. However most people will hold that the chief cause of planetary heating is manmade. Most signifiers of engineering presents are designed to devour a batch of energy and the chief beginning of this energy is the combustion of fossil fuels like oil. coal. and natural gas. Although scientist are seeking to develop alternate fuels to cut down the force per unit area on the environment. machines for mundane usage like autos and machines for production of goods and service still go on to devour a batch of energy. seting all of our live at hazard.

In decision. engineering has changed our lives in many ways both positive and negative. Most people know of the harm I mentioned supra and although their moralss. cultural norms and values travel against the inordinate usage of engineering. most people can’t conceive of their life’s without it. They refuse to accept the fact that engineering is like a dual edged blade which on one side can kill person and on the other side can take to 1s ain protection. However. the determination to utilize it proficiently is 1s ain determination. Technology will ever go on to turn and in order to guarantee that it keeps profiting mankind we should seek and do certain that we don’t allow engineering command us.

This is a transcript of the questionnaire used to the research for this undertaking. Analyze on the Effectss of Technology

This questionnaire is portion of a undertaking being conducted in order to cognize the assorted effects of engineering on world and to find whether it has more positive impacts than negative. This questionnaire will concentrate on things we interact with and witness every twenty-four hours. This questionnaire is non really complex and we assure you that all informations collected is confidential and anon. . You may take to take part or non and are free to stop engagement at any clip.


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