Once we take in all that Cyrus is doing, all the trekking and dancing with bears, we should be able to e Thicket embracing Cyrus’ actions and doing the same exact thing. But we do not see this happening. Everyone looks right past him as if it was Just some random guy of the street and that it was normal for him to perform this way on live TV while for Cyrus it was an outrage. Why is that okay in our world. There are not many explanations for this type of reasoning. I think this is partly because of Cyrus’ time on the Disney Channel as Hanna Montana.

She was a cute little Disney Channel star, the kind of female that every child could look up to. Now she is shaking her ass in front of Thicket on stage and everyone is taken back by it. Yes, everyone is surprised this 21- year-old girl is performing this way on a much older man. But what I do not get is why we don’t see any problem with a male doing this, particularly one that is 1 5 years older then she, and married to another women. That is Just as inappropriate, and should be addressed as equally wrong as Cyrus’ situation. Society looks at males not as equals to females, but as superior to them.

Even though I am a male, I do not believe this is right. American society thinks that it is aroma for a guy to have girls dance on him and to “get around” with girls. In fact it is almost better if a guy can do this and he may come off as better in the eyes of other guys. On the contrary, if a girl behaves in such a manner she is portrayed as a slut or where, and is a disgrace to the society. Why does this double standard exist in our society? We seem to find the need to hold someone accountable for a group’s action, and we almost always blame it on the female. There is no room for it in our society, and should be terminated from our minds.

I think it should be the same standard for al people. Neither should get the benefit of the doubt and be able to do something so outrageous. Granted, Cyrus uses this tactic superbly to increase her popularity one that gains a large amount of talk. I have heard comparisons of the performance of Cyrus and “normal” girls every weekend at clubs and parties. There is a huge difference here because Cyrus’ performance was planned weeks in advance. On the other side, women at clubs are probably under the influence and hormones play a roll as well. Granted, I don’t believe this gives them the right to do whatever they want.

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But when looking at the tuition with Cyrus, there is still a shed of “Role model” In her, which many young girls still look to. She should not be allowed to do this and it is tainting our society as a whole. We now view this situation as only the female being at fault. When will the American society realize there are to sides equally at fault here? There is no reason a man should be able to do this, and women should not. If men are so much better then women, then why do we not act like it? Men have no right to go around telling women what to do and that they are not as good as us, if we can’t even act like gentleman in the first place.

If there is a double standard, there should be a reason. And the way I see it, there is not one good reason that word should even exist. Overall, I think there is much to be learned from this performance and what it means. Thicket is Just as much at fault for this situation as Cyrus is. What kind of message is that sending to people everywhere, especially ones who do not know any better, like young teens? They have not grown enough in their experiences to know what is right and wrong. And now with the society telling them that it is okay for a man or women to do this will only hurt their view.

It is scarring the mind of every teen in the entire nation, both men and women. They look up to celebrities and the way Cyrus and Thicket presented themselves on stage is Just awful whether it created popularity or not. They now put the image into ten’s minds that those actions are normal, and okay to do. They also have started to implant the seed of double standard. What do they see on the news the next morning? A headline that states “Cyrus Twerps on Stage”. Where is the part about Thicket? Nowhere to be found, and a young mind will never dig deep enough to uncover the real story, and the real problem.


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