Tara: Merline. how can demo that Jehovah is my Sovereign Lord when people who do bad things don’t even acquire punished? Merline: It can be hard to make the right things when everyone else is making incorrect. Tara: Yes. like last hebdomad. a child in my category cheated on the trial. He received a high class! That is non just! Merline: Tara. you know you are non the lone 1 that felt that manner before. Tara: Truly? ! Merline: Yes. the bible negotiations of a adult male by the name of Asaph. Asaph was a main vocalist and participant of the cymbals. He served in the Tabernacle directing the music and vocalizing. You know he was about caused to falter because of the unfairnesss that were happening about him. He showed a deficiency of grasp of the all important relationship with Jehovah. Tara: What happened? Merline: Asaph saw that the wicked work forces were rich and they frequently seemed to be content with their life. non sing any effects.

He became covetous of these wicked work forces. Asaph felt that his worship to Jehovah was in vain because of all the bad things go oning around him. Asaph needed to demo that Jehovah was the Sovereign Lord. Tara: How did he demo that? Merline: Well. I will hold you read what he concluded when he corrected his thought. Read for me Psalms 78:23. please. Tara: Reads Psalms 78:23 Merline: In the beginning of this poetry Asaph provinces. “the pulling near to God is good for me. ” Do you understand what it means to pull near to person? Tara: Not truly. Merline: Imagine a conic mountain-wide at the base and narrow at the top. You are standing at the pes on one side of the mountain and I am standing besides at the nutrient of the mountain. but on the opposite side. When we both are still near the mountain base. a long distance separates us. Yet. as we climb higher and higher towards the top of the mountain. the distance between us becomes less and less.

Merline: Great! How do you believe you can pull near to Jehovah? Tara: By analyzing his word. Merline: Yes. that is right. When you learn more about Jehovah it is like mounting the mountain. you are pulling closer to Jehovah. You show that Jehovah is our Autonomous Lord. Regardless of what we may personally confront. we should endeavor difficult to safeguard our relationship with Jehovah. This is demoing that Jehovah is our Autonomous Lord. The 2nd portion of the poetry helps us larn another manner we can demo that Jehovah is our Autonomous Lord. Asaph stated. “In the Sovereign Lord Jehovah I have placed my safety. ”

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Tara. make you cognize what a safety is? Tara: Is it like a shelter? Merline: Yes. you are right. And why would you seek shelter? Tara: For protection. Merline: Right. Tara. So. how do you think we make Jehovah our shelter? Tara: Ummmmm. supplication? Merline: Right! What can we pray for? Tara: Well. we can pray for his sanctum spirit to assist us when we face jobs. Merline: You are right Tara. besides lodging to his earthly organisation. Keep in head that Jehovah is our Autonomous Lord because he is the Owner of all things and the Source of all power. So we want to demo that he is our Autonomous Lord. How can we demo that once more? Tara: By pulling closer to Jehovah through analyzing his word and doing him our safety through supplication and inquiring for His Holy Spirit. besides. by lodging to his earthly organisation. I think Jehovah does merit from me. He has given so much! Merline: I am happy to hear you say that Tara.


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