Nettling Political and Legal factors Government regulate the tax-policy for internet commerce. The policy was change and there is no assurance that increasing will not happened again. An increase in the amount of revenue will be possible if the government will provide stronger piracy laws. Also, all providers In the movie Industry have followed the rules from the Motion Picture Association of America. For a company such as Nettling, it is easy to control, but the responsibility will be on users. Economical The movie industry is the entertainment industry and it doesn’t count as an vital Importance.

Decreasing the consumer Income may decrease the demand and vice versa. KOMBI”check’4; $actor Moxie eighteenths Ha create’,K) path’49 6/check. TX. KM gangster c$peep appendage’s, TO NP’;l Cheek’;1 SOAPBOX nepenthe; Moxie Homestretch demand of viewers. In another hand, in that situation may be happened shifting number of moviegoers from real cinemas to less expensive rental movie industry. Calculators The American life is changing. People spend more free time on the computer. New generations are getting more lazy, and young people will not go to a movie rental store to take a DVD and return it the next day.

It is easier for them watch movies online. If there is an alternative way to watch movies without paying a fee, some people wall continue to pirate movies. Technological The era of technology plays a positive role In the performance of Nettling. Purchasing a computer is not so expensive nowadays. Speed and unlimited scope of the internet play a positive role in this business. Ecological The transition from hard copies to online movies improving the ecological factor, by decreasing the number of factories that manufactured DVD’s and reducing air pollution from transport vehicles.

Strength Weakness internal + Strong brand Identity + Flexible strategy + Personalization of movie preferences + Affordable price + Satisfaction of customers + Big library of DVD, they have to get rid of inventory and start working only on-line + blacktop post cancan nonfattening Henrietta Harpy Ha cape Opportunities Threats external + Providing different plans + Switching from DVD to only digital delivery + Global market + Other product categories + Creating unique content + Working more compatible with applications More famous competitors like Apple, Amazon, online TV If competitors will have exclusive rights for some movies or have agreement with producer movie companies it may negatively affect Nettling Piracy

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