This Code of Conduct should help to guide our employees’ conduct but cannot address every circumstance that will arise. Instead it provides employees with a set of guiding principles to work within. For some issues more detail is set out in our terms ; conditions of employment and other JOB Hi-If policies and procedures that must be complied with. This Code of Conduct sets the standards expected of us all within JOB HI-If and applies to all directors and all employees.

References to “employees” in this Code of Conduct include directors where the context permits. It is the responsibility of every person covered by this Code of Conduct to conduct themselves in accordance with the Code. The Board of Directors has approved this Code of Conduct and fully supports its objectives and content. Set of guiding principles guide our employees’ conduct Code of Conduct sets the standards SOCIAL NETWORKING Employees using social networking media such as Faceable, My Space and Twitter must follow the Company’s Social Noteworthiness’s Policy.

This provides that: employees must not make any offensive, intimidators or harassing statements which could be linked back to JOB Hi-If in any way; and internet “chatting” by employees must not embarrass the Company or make the Company liable for any prosecutions. Employees wishing to establish a social media identity affiliated with JOB HI-If must obtain the consent of their Manager, sign a Social Media Participation Agreement and comply with JOB Hi-if’s Social Media Engagement Policy Document. ENVIRONMENT All employees are responsible for maintaining and protecting the environment.

Employees should, therefore, always consider the impact of their activities on the environment and the local community, including the way in which waste is disposed, chemicals are used and stored, and natural resources utilized. B Hi-If is committed to the following environmental initiatives: Odd 5 year action plan under the Australian Packaging Covenant; 20th Carbon Disclosure Project; immobile Muster (the return of unwanted mobile phones); Cartridges for Planet Ark (the return of empty ink cartridges); and Store recycling of cardboard, paper and toner cartridges. Jiff By pizzeria

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