Never the less there is an effect
that appears controlling within surveillance. Governments working together: spying
and monitoring together brings this to the conclusion that for attacks accruing
it only makes sense that mass surveillance on the society has become something
of the norm, as keeping a record of everyone everywhere is much more
resourceful when different governments servile together or spy on other countries
and each other, it allows any suspicious upcoming attacks to arise to the
surface. The awareness of authority hacking and spying on other countries and
developed the growth of technology has allowed surveillance machines more
advanced in recording data on everyone. The partnership between U.S
intelligence and countries that are rich which, according to (add article
here)  known to be called ‘the Five Eyes: the
U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand’, also countries called The Nine
Eyes: Denmark, France, the Netherlands, and Norway’ and lastly ‘ The Fourteen
Eyes: Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Sweden’, which as a partnership has ended to
a result giving the NSA the advantage to use surveillance and access virtually
everything possible around the world. (Bruce Schneier Mar 2, 2015). The NSA amongst the years have been using
surveillance on closer partnerships such as ‘The Five Eyes’, to monitor and
data any threats involved within foreign countries. Surveillance used by the
government of Russia warned the United States of the 9/11 terrorist attack to
and in return took drastic measures into keeping a watch of any threats accruing
at any point.


According to (Bruce Schneier Mar 2, 2015), Governments
have managed to somehow enter internet organisation intentionally to spy
‘cyberwar’ system in
order to access other organisations in countries such as Russia, China and
other European countries. Similarly ‘Cyberattacks’
Schneier Mar 2,
2015) have been witnessed to enter other systems and purposely to directly
damage by invading and exploiting top secret surveillance. For instance, in
2009 North Korea were a target of ‘cyberattack’, these ‘attacks’ include being
disruptive to hacked systems but are not controlling to be overpowered
long-term. as a result ‘cyberattacks’ according to (Bruce Schneier Mar 2, 2015) are very rare to track, as result gives the
advantage of surveillance to use to its full advantage anywhere and anytime. These
incidences of spying and surveying had been continuous for many years, although
authority was part of recording data of the society, the proof of this data
still is left unspoken.


On the contrary China the high ranked
country well known for its compulsary usage of notorious outbreaks towards
networks such as Google, governments, sanctuary businesses and other companies
within the U.S and the U.S authority enforcement. According to (Schneier, 2018). (ADD REFERENCE OF ARTICLE HERE) researchers discovered in
2013 the Chinese government accessing android phones and monitoring the
activity of android users. (Schneier, 2018). As of now many countries are recognised to have a past of
hacking into businesses for their own practical use and benefit. The use of government
accessing networks has shifted surveillance to escalate into now collecting
emails, downloading call history, and search history as well as record and
monitor phone calls and record audio messages. (Bruce Schneier Mar 2, 2015)

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There are several countries where
surveillance is still taken place such as: Russia, North Korea, UK, U.S and
China. surveillance tools were individually used amongst: The United States, Israel,
Iran, and Russia. These countries specifically targeting surveillance towards government
systems and the public, although these accusations have been noticed no
evidence of these links have really become known of authorities spying into
other systems (Schneier, 2018). According to (Schneier, 2018) ‘the Tailored
Access Operations group’ also known as (TAO), have the advantage to create
specific codes and install organisations that allow the ‘TAO’ to intrude and
hack into computers and smartphones globally (Schneier, 2018). Leaked documents
provided by Edwards Snowden, a former CIA worker revealed NSA top secret
surveillance, specifically monitoring, and spying on American citizens (,
2018). (2018). Edward Snowden.
online Available at:
Accessed 5 Jan. 2018.


For many years the nature of surveillance
has been used more as a movement for the authority as a use of ‘spying’ (Schneier, 2018). According to (NAME PUBLISHER HERE) (Schneier, 2018) modern surveillance has become much
more versatile, involving many activities where they are able to controll an
entire network, allowing authority and government to constantly hack into these
systems. In 2011, an Iranian hacker managed to access the Dutch certificate
authority ‘DigiNotor’ (Schneier, 2018). The hacker to have the ability to satirise organizations
such as Skype and Google. This as a result the hacker passed down this
information to the Iranian government where surveillance was regularly used on
Iranians and the society. In 2009, Canadian security investigators were able to
find a surveillance system that was controlled by an operator in China and was
later recognised to be installed in the mass media within around 103different
countries (Schneier,
2018). Similarly,
other surveillance systems discovered in 2012, 2013 and 2014, ‘Flame’ a
surveillance device discovered by the Iranian systems. ‘Red October’: spying
worldwide through computers for approximately five years, ‘The Mask’ used to
directly by Iranian hackers to monitor United Sates officers, and ‘Turla’
another surveillance hacking system used to keep watch of the western


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