Recently in English category we read the narrative of Romeo and Juliet so. and we got to see both films the 1890ss version and the original. They were really different their arms. apparels. transit but had a few similarities like the linguistic communication they spoke the same linguistic communication. kept the same characters. and so was the secret plan.

They’re many differences between both films the 1890ss version and the original. Which are the arms they used. in the older version they use blades while in the 1890ss version they use 9mm handguns. I think that holding the usage of handguns alternatively of blades helps me recognize the badness of the state of affairs. I believe that holding handguns used shows the lethalness of the blade. Another immense difference is the apparels they wear are really different in the new film the Montague’s normally where dark colored. and the Capulet’s were vibrantly colored but the opposite ahs occurred in the new film. In my sentiment they must hold forgot which household normally wore what. I believe that the Montague’s like brilliantly colored shirts because they normally are happy and joyful so they wear brilliantly colored shirts. But on the other manus they do hold some similarities.

Both films the 1890ss version and the original are similar in many ways. One manner in how they are similar are the type of English they speak they speak a mid English non an old English and surely non a modern English. I believe that the manager used this to assist associate the event back to the original. I besides believe that they must hold had to analyze their lines for long periods of clip. The manager really kept the same characters from the original he did non cut any one from the film. I believe he did this non make disgrace William Shakespeare.

In my sentiment is the best author that of all time lived. Finally the manager used the same secret plan in this film and in the original. every character had the same function as in the original film. In my sentiment the manager did non go forth out any parts or scenes from the original film. I think that the manager did non cut out any of the parts because he wanted it to be merely like it was in the original merely in modern times.

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After sing both of the films the 1890ss version and the original I can see the similarities and differences clearly and have an apprehension of why William Shakespeare wrote this drama and why it is so widely known.


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