The undertaking for the execution of our new system for charge and client direction is nearing completion. At the minute. the application has passed the user credence proving phase and the hardware is already in topographic point. During the development of the system. the squad realized that the bing database platform was unequal to the new system ; hence. they suggested utilizing more modern database environment which will be the company extra licensing costs.

In analogue to this development. we will be let go ofing our new merchandise which is greatly good to husbandmans locally and abroad. The ends of the company to diminish the usage of pesticide for environmental ground will be achieved by 70 % and increase the harvest output by 35 % . Due to hapless undertaking budgeting of the new system in the planning stage and the uninterrupted addition of the undertaking costs. it caused a hard currency flow limitation. We could detain the commercialisation of the new merchandise if we pay the licence cost of MS SQL. The developer has offered a temporarily solution for a short period of clip until we resolve our hard currency flow issue. He recommended put ining the SQL waiter package to our web from his ain company’s licensed transcript or he can virtualizes another SQL environment on his waiter and we can link to that.

I strongly disagree with the developer’s proposal. Our response to his suggested solution reflects our point of position of ethical issue and somehow affects the company’s repute. It is inappropriate to utilize other company’s licence even in a really short period of clip. This is piracy and we don’t want other people to pirate our merchandise every bit good. therefore I suggest non back uping buccaneering of any sort. Software buccaneering consequences in supplying no inducement for companies to be willing to develop new package. This harms the concern of local package distributers therefore take downing the authorities grosss in the signifier of revenue enhancements. Microsoft deserves to be compensated for their attempts put in to bring forthing their package. Bing a concern analyst trusted by our company. the company is anticipating me to move with unity. We have to move in conformity with all applicable Torahs including but non limited to the licensing jurisprudence.

In add-on to ethical issues. we might be facing legal. fiscal and system effects. Legally. we will go against licensing jurisprudence of Microsoft which all package is copyright protected. As an result. we might be ended up paying Microsoft and the authorities a punishment beyond the licensing costs which will hit our fiscal restraint even worst. Furthermore. our credibleness as a company will be affected which can ensue to loss of clients and suppliers’ assurance on us. In proficient affair. we will be exposing ourselves to different hazards of system failure. informations security. and deficiency of control. In general. we will put our company at hazard in many countries when we agree to his suggestions.

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Course of actions

•If it’s still possible. I suggest looking for another provider who can offer the same functionality and to go on the undertaking with a lesser cost. We can besides negociate the footings of concluding payment to our current developer to give manner to the licensing cost. Normally. the company is bear downing involvement for the late payment of bills but still lower than the involvement rate from the bank.

•We could besides seek to commercialize the merchandise foremost and utilize the generated hard currency from gross revenues to finance our licensing costs. Sing the benefits it can offer locally and abroad. the return of investing and the payback period can be shorter than expected.

•Finally. we can besides look for funding options at the bank for the licensing costs. Therefore. we can still establish our merchandise and our system will be finished on clip. The involvement and funding costs that we will bear are undistinguished comparison to the net income that we will be bring forthing through our new merchandise.

Should you hold any inquiries sing this affair. delight make non waver to reach me. I’ll be pleased to subject elaborate account and calculation sing the class of action that I recommended.


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