The New World was a wonder and a opportunity to do it large in the 1600s. England took its gamble at constructing settlements in the unsettled part of what is now the E seashore. It so was separated into two parts. New England and the Chesapeake. Even though they were both founded by the English. their differences in faith. integrity. and motivations evolved their societies into polar antonyms. In New England. integrity was a manner of life. They believed in a balance of “some must be rich [ and ] some hapless. ” ( Doc A ) but besides believed in the thought of charity to “supply of others’ necessities. ” ( Doc A ) When these beliefs were combined. it created a relationship between settlers that was antecedently non practiced by colonists before them. New England greatly embraced the thought of a “together” settlement. They believed that a successful and plentiful settlement needed to hold members that “rejoice together. mourn together. [ and ] labour and suffer together” ( Doc A ) to make a bond that themselves and particularly God would be proud of. Even before they set canvas. they made certain to go in groups of households such as the Hull household. who brought “his married woman. two boies and his five daughters” ( Doc B ) along with their seamster Musachiell Bernard and “his married woman Mary and two boies John and Nathaniel. ” ( Doc B )

This meant the citizens had people they could trust and depend on. along with the welcoming new settlers. In this manner. the New England colonists grew more incorporate. whereas the Chesapeake Region ne’er set integrity as a precedence. On the ship’s list to the Chesapeake Region. it states there were “sixty-three work forces in between the ages of 14 and 40” ( Doc C ) with nil listed to the idea of a household member or any relationship at all. This leads to the decision of a every adult male for himself outlook. holding nil waiting for them except for a maestro to work for. This type of outlook led to more struggle and less cooperation between the colonists in the Chesapeake Region. Such non cooperation of the colonists led to jobs of even supporting the boundary lines. as Governor Berkley proclaimed that they had “more stat mis to support so work forces of trust to support them. ” ( Doc G ) . The misgiving so turned to the authorities and was so tried to over throw. with the doctrine that it was run by “parasites whose tottering lucks [ had ] been repaired and supported at the public charge. ” ( Doc E )

In bend. the New England settlements thrived together in harmoniousness while the Chesapeake Region invariably fueled struggle. taking them into a stressed and hostile society. New England had a set program for their settlement. and that was to be a “city upon a hill. ” ( Doc A ) They wanted a perfect society. and for it to be accomplished they needed to hold a rigorous set of regulations or guidelines to follow. such as holding “rich and poor” ( Doc D ) citizens. Another needed lesson was to do certain that every household was provided for. including a “convenient proportion for a house lot” ( Doc D ) so that every household had something to come to alternatively of viing for land. Wagess and monetary value ordinances were set in topographic point so the colonists wouldn’t become belly-up “by suppressing monetary values. ” ( Doc E ) “Prices and rewards [ were ] punctually set at the General Courts. ” ( Doc E ) set uping the first minimal pay that ensured that they would ne’er be cheated from what they earned. This system wholly contradicted the system of the Chesapeake Region. when its lone end was to do money.

Even on the journey to Chesapeake doing money was the halfway point. as they bought from their “vile commanding officers [ their ] commissariats at 15 times the value. ” ( Doc F ) doing it difficult for the travellers to even last the journey. All that was talked about was money. and the chief phantasy provider was gold. It was told that they would “dig gold. wash gold. polish gold. [ and ] burden gold” ( Doc F ) by their higher archys. They didn’t set protection as a high criterion. so they had “more rivers than work forces to protect them. ” ( Doc G ) They besides blame others for their greed such as Bacon. who said that he was protecting himself from the “sponges [ that ] have sucked up the public hoarded wealth. ” ( Doc H ) New England’s settler based society led to a conservative and un hostile environment. while the Chesapeake’s end of money led to constant struggle and hurt of their people. Everything the New England settlements did was based off their faith and belief in God. they modeled themselves as the metropolis upon a hill. with the mentality of “the eyes of the people are upon [ them ] . ” ( Doc A ) so they molded themselves in the manner that God had professed to them.

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If they didn’t follow the Torahs that God had given to them their “prayers [ would be ] turned to expletives. ” ( Doc E ) dishonoring God’s retainers. Their regulations are based on God. and the first one even states they will “walk in all the ways of Christ. ” ( Doc E ) Even in things such as humanistic disciplines and trade they would “serve God by functioning their neighbours. ” ( Doc E ) But as New England made religion their support. the Chesapeake part ne’er truly established a faith at all. The merely spiritual action they committed was before they arrived when each traveller took “oaths of commitment and domination to the Church subject of England. ” ( Doc C ) Unlike New England. they did non keep faith to a high criterion. puting labour and material points over the faith that came from England.

New England’s faith ran the authorities and made a criterion of equality for all coevalss. ensuing in a peaceable and conformative society for old ages. On the other manus. the Chesapeake had no solid foundation for a spiritual based society. In making this. there was no existent moral codification so conflict and affraies were present at all times in the part. In the terminal. the New England part reigned on top of the Chesapeake. uniting their colonists with clear and precise motivations while remaining true to their spiritual beliefs. This set the phase for a part that would thrive greatly and healthily for the coevalss to come opposed to the Chesapeake. whose deficiency of moral codification and values allow the integrity of the part autumn. taking colonists to brood in bad behaviour that started its progressive ruin.


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