New coins are popping up every day it seems but a select few make it through the muck and into the eyes of the world. Cardano and its ADA coin are one of those and it’s starting to get some attention. Do we have a “bitcoin killer” on our hands?IS CARDANO THE FUTURE OF BITCOIN?First thing first, Cardano’s uses their ADA coin to send and receive digital funds. So far, so good right? Sounds just like Bitcoin. But is there a difference? Well, ADA is more than just a cryptocurrency. It’s a whole platform that will run financial applications. Furthermore, it’s unique because the developers are constructing the platform in layers. These layers give the system more flexibility. Hence, it is easier to maintain and upgrade with soft forks.CARDANO IS MORE ADVANCED THAN BITCOIN AND ETHEREUMAs you can see by that first description, ADA seems far more complex than Bitcoin. In fact, it looks like we’re starting to tread into Ethereum territory. Speaking of Ethereum, Cardano is similar in that it will eventually have a layer that handles smart contracts. Furthermore, it can run decentralized applications (dapps) just like ethereum can. Despite all these similarities though, there’s no doubt that this technology is unique and has the potential to take over Bitcoin.WHY YOU SHOULD INVEST IN CARDANODevelopers created ADA with a scientific philosophy. These engineers cherish technology and academics. Not money. Some are saying ADA is a scam coin but looking at the details, the facts just aren’t there. Security, flexibility, and scalability is the main focus. They want to make this technology a common part of our society for millions of users. The strict, scientific principles behind ADA assure that the utmost thought and care are pouring into this project on a daily basis.So should you invest in it? Ultimately, that’s for you to decide. If you want to learn even more about investing in new technology and discovering where your personality fits into this world, check out today. 


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